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Picture taken at initial discovery site of SCP-867

Item #: SCP-867

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-867 is to be held, alone, within a locked case within the Site-██ Secure Item Storage unit. It is to be accompanied by a note with a single digit ranging from One (1) to Six (6).

Keys to said case will only be assigned to two (2) Security Class 4 operatives at Site-██, and should be rotated weekly. Any signs that lower class personnel are aware of the current possessor of one of the keys should result in the keys changing hands, or the subject being terminated, as appropriate to the value and potential threat of the subject.

SCP-867 may only be used after submission of Form 10-88 at least two (2) days in advance. Included with the form should be a detailed explanation of the intended use. The Form and explanation is to be reviewed by at least two (2) Personnel of Class 3 or higher.

In an emergency situation, two (2) personnel can request immediate access. One of them must be Class 4, while the other of which may be Class 3. This may be granted by either of the key holders assuming obvious extenuating circumstances.

SCP-867 is always to be dialed by a Class D personnel, and they are to hold the phone until such a time as the recipient of the call picks up. If at all possible, this should be done in a blast resistant room. In the event that such a room is not available in the required time span, one sufficiently clear of breakables and other people is adequate. If the subject attempts to flee from the phone they should be immediately shot or similarly dispatched with ranged weaponry.

After each use the note stored with SCP-867 should be incremented by one (1) so long as the called phone was answered. If the note is somehow damaged, destroyed, or rendered unclear, it is to be replaced with a copy that is incremented if appropriate.

Description: SCP-867 is a pink M███████ brand R████ cellular phone that shows moderate signs of wear. SCP-867 came into Foundation possession after it was discovered by a man by the name of B████ J██████. According to the police report he was killed by an unknown, small explosive. The phone was found three (3) Meters from where the victim had fallen.

The local police were alerted to the event by one of the victim's friends who had received what he believed to be a 'crank' call. Following the call, he contacted a mutual acquaintance to ask if they had received a similar call with a hidden out going number. The other involved stated that B████ had apparently found a prepaid cell phone which he was temporarily using to replace his which had recently gone missing. The friend stated that B████ had intended to turn it over to the police to see if it was being looked for once he had gotten 'things in order.'

Both of them, concerned, headed to his apartment. Though his car was parked in the garage and the lights were on within, they could get no answer from the victim. Failing to gain entry to the premises to investigate themselves, they called the police.

The strange nature of the explosion was recorded and brought to the Foundation's attention. Agents were then dispatched to gather the evidence and scour the apartment for clues as to the cause of the event.

The phone's anomalous nature was immediately suspect due to the few obvious external flaws. Suspicion was further drawn to it due to the time of death matching when the victim was calling his friend, and the phone emerging unscathed from the explosion that had killed its user. Testing began using Class D Personnel to ensure that any repeats of the event would not remove valuable assets from the Foundation.

The first tests involved have a single member of D-Class try inputting a series of numbers into the phone that would come up in the dialing of the average phone number to see if any of those were a code that caused the original disturbance. After numerous hours of testing this proved to have no effect.

The second series of tests involved giving other cellphones of various makes, models, and numbers to other D-Class personnel. The holder of SCP-867 was then instructed to call each in turn. On the third call both of the subjects were immediately killed in the resultant explosion.

Testing was halted as SCP-867 seemed to have been destroyed, but five (5) minutes later during clean up the re-gathering fragments were discovered. Once it had re-assembled itself testing was resumed.

Another phone of the same make and model as the one triggering the explosion previously was acquired and the experiment was repeated. This time there were no apparent effects. Similar numbers were then tested, and the second attempt resulted in an explosion only on the user's end. Identical numbers to both of the attempts resulting in explosions were tried. Neither of these resulted in any visible effects. It was at this point in the testing that it was predicted that it was on multiples of three (3) that explosions occurred. Eighteen further calls were attempted and the pattern was recognized and documented.

Further testing revealed the following:

1) If the phone is hung up before the recipient answers it does not count as a 'call.'

2) If the phone is answered by voice mail or an answering machine it does count as a 'call.'

3) Attempts to circumvent death of the caller by using robotic manipulators or fleeing from the phone once the call has been made are not only futile, but ultimately more destructive. (The experiment garnering this information resulted in the death of ██ personnel, including █ Agents, and █ Clearance Level 3 Researchers, some of whom were in the hallway on the opposite side of the testing room)

4) So long as there is a phone that can receive the call, the call will connect, even if the SCP-867 should not be able to broadcast through intervening material, or the receiving phone should not be able to pick up such a broadcast. It will not, however, connect to phones incapable of operation due to physical damage or the absence of power to them.

The phone has a standard battery slot. The slot appears to be empty, though this does not seem to inhibit its function as a phone in any manner. The built in camera, however, seems completely inoperable. The device is always on, and cannot be turned off. Both screens, interior and exterior, as well as the interior buttons do not light up as with standard examples of this phone model.

SCP-867 is capable of making outgoing calls despite not having a registered service provider. It is succeeds in connecting to the receiving phone in spite of any form of intervening barrier. This has been tested up to eight (8) kilometers (approximately 5 miles) under the planet's surface, with intervening strata of both stone and metal, as well as through thick lead barriers. It has also proved to continue functioning when under active jamming. The phone seems incapable of receiving calls, and there is no method yet discovered by which to determine its self assigned number.

SCP-867 has two (2) other functions which prevents it from having a practical, casual application. Every three (3) calls the phone is at the epicenter of an explosion that inevitably kills the user and has the capacity to cause mild damage to the surrounding area. Attempts to avoid death from the resultant explosion only serve to increase the radius and force of the explosion. The explosion increases in force and size, consuming all intervening barriers until it ensures that a sufficient quantity of the caller is consumed by the blast to guarantee the caller's death.

The default size of the explosion is about a quarter (.25) to half (.5) of a meter. Generally it has consumed most of the user's head and a significant portion of the user's upper chest.

Afterward the phone reassembles itself, a process that takes about thirty (30) minutes. The fragments converge upon a central point during this time, flowing together and fitting into place, returning it to the form it was first discovered in. If a fragment is restrained or somehow kept from the rest of the phone, the phone will slowly glide, flip, and otherwise travel along the floor as though pulled by the detached section. It will then press against whatever surface is keeping the fragment separate. SCP-867 does not seem to be capable of breaking such surfaces, however the amount of force it takes to remove it from it is greater than the makeup of the phone permits to be applied to it.

SCP-867 possesses no unusual durability. Destructive forces applied to it have resulted in identical damage to those forces being applied to otherwise identical phones. It will, however, reform if damaged by any method, following the same methodologies outlined. It has, to date, reformed after being struck with a sledgehammer squarely, melted, and vaporized.

The second function is that every six (6) calls the recipient's phone explodes as well. Unlike SCP-867's explosion, this explosion is uniform, having a consistent radius of five (5) Meters. This explosion occurs when the phone is answered, be it by voice mail, answering machine, or human respondent. The answered phone does not regenerate.

Addendum: While it has been suggested that this object could be used for assassination, due to the somewhat inaccurate nature of the event on the target, since it could misfire on an answering machine, etc. as well as the possibility that it could be traced, it has been ruled as unwise to attempt such an endeavor.

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