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SCP-868 in its host-free state.

Item #: SCP-868

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-868 is currently under use by Agent ████. Upon Agent ████’s termination, whether by accident or design, SCP-868 is to immediately be reclaimed and returned to Storage Site-18, where it will be secured in a locked, 15-cm cubic titanium box. Subsequent reconnaissance teams wishing to use SCP-868 must have permissions granted from at least Level 3 Personnel, and a record of any visual deviation should be noted immediately.

Description: SCP-868 is a pair of battered, lens-free, “horn-rim” style spectacles. Composition verification and dating has revealed that they were constructed from a hawksbill turtle’s (Eretmochelys imbricate) sometime in the early 20th century, and they show noticeable wear: The top of the right lens case is cracked, and a part of the nosepiece is missing from the left lens. While not being worn, the legs of SCP-868 appear to be flexible, passing many minor stress tests, although it is likely that SCP-868 is easily destructible.

When the legs of SCP-868 are worn by a living human, they immediately fuse with the skin through a painless process and proceed to connect with the parietals of the skull. From this point on until the subject’s death or forced removal, SCP-868’s structure loses its flexible nature, taking the outward and structural characteristics of human bone. Any attempt short of surgical removal of the SCP causes life-threatening pain to the wearer, and while subjects can survive a forced removal, they often suffer unexplained brain damage or blindness in the process. Subsequent use of SCP-868 will have no effects whatsoever, and the SCP will remain in its flexible state.

While SCP-868 is worn by a conscious person, a subject will report a change in the clarity of their vision, regardless of current visual acuity. Limited testing has shown that SCP-868 will, upon use, improve said acuity to 20/10 unless their vision is already within that range. However, 70% of subjects report colorblindness when under its influence, and another 5% reported either “tunnel” vision or constant, weak general nausea.

In addition, subjects under the influence of SCP-868 seem to be otherwise unaffected by other means of vision-affecting agents, ranging from contact lenses to glasses, fog, alcohol, mirages, hallucinogens, and electric neural stimulation. In addition, visual effects such as magnification are completely lost on test subjects, effectively making items such as telescopes, binoculars, etc. useless to them. When subject to a battery of these tests, subjects tested were often completely unaware of the agent in use. This should not be confused with complete immunity to said agent, however; if said agents are otherwise hazardous or encompass other effects, the subjects will succumb to them as they would otherwise.

SCP-868 was recovered from the Unusual Incidents Unit of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation during a routine raid of the Unit. According to their records, SCP-868 was originally a part of United States Senator ████ ███████’s estate, and was seized after a UIU employee noticed that ███████ had never been seen “without his specs on” throughout his public career. Attempts to verify this information has been inconclusive.

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