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Item #: SCP-869

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not being studied, SCP-869 is to be kept at Storage Sector-04, and its zinc-carbon battery is to be removed and charged on its anode-cathode coupling. SCP-869's battery may only be inserted in broad daylight or in the presence of SHID (Super-High Intensity Discharge) lighting of a combined luminosity of no less than 50,000 lumens. Though no known health effects are associated with the anti-light of SCP-869, exposure is not advised even with proper shielding.

Description: SCP-869 is an early-era tubular flashlight created by the American Electrical Novelty & Manufacturing Company in 1899 or 1900. Originally used by New York City police, it was said to have been dropped while on patrol, resulting in the opposite effect than intended for a flashlight. When turned on, SCP-869 casts a beam of "darkness" onto whatever was meant to be illuminated.

SCP-869 emits wavelengths of light that interfere with normal wavelengths in the range of visual light. These wavelengths cancel each other out, resulting in a steep drop in luminosity of the "illuminated" area. These anti-light wavelength rays bounce off matter the same way normal light does and interferes with all colors of light. "Black light" from SCP-869 can be reflected off mirrors or scattered through prisms, but it does not have the same drop in intensity as a standard flashlight.

The anti-light effect is strong enough that, in 1934, when pointed at the sun at midday, the conical beam of SCP-869 caused a total eclipse for a few moments that was recorded over much of the Western Hemisphere.

When disassembled, SCP-869 reveals no abnormalities or inconsistencies, even those associated with being dropped. The anti-light wavelengths are not produced by the bulb when the lens is removed or when a different light source is shone though the lens.

Testing of SCP-869 on other SCP objects is planned and awaiting implementation.

Under no circumstances should SCP-869 ever come into contact with SCP-017. The darkness created by SCP-869's beam could potentially [DATA EXPUNGED].

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