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Item #: SCP-871

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-871 is to be housed in a sealed plexiglass box. 4 armed guards are to be on staff at all times to terminate anyone attempting to gain unauthorized access to SCP-871. If SCP-871 is removed without disabling the alarm the room is sealed off and cyanide gas is pumped into the room terminating the threat.

Description: SCP-871 was originally found in ██████,██████████. It appears to be an ordinary pencil eraser, composed of an unknown rubber like substance. All attempts to break it by bending have failed and all attempts to cut it using any means has also failed. SCP-871 will immediately go back to its original state when the stress is removed. It is also to be noted that the eraser leaves no shavings behind even on the atomic level so it is believed that the eraser can be used an infinite number of times and has no risk of any part of it being smuggled out.

Any written phrase of factual events that have passed in the life of the test subject using SCP-871 that is erased becomes false, as if the event never occurred. The test subject retains no memory of the event which was erased nor the act of erasing the statement.

Further tests were made on SCP-871 to test the breadth of its effect. A test of a statement written involving active participants other than the test
subject resulted in no effect. Another test of a statement written involving the test subject as a witness to an act resulted in the test subject forgetting the act but did not change the act that was witnessed. Test results so far indicate that SCP-871 only erases events in which the user was the sole active participant in.

A test on the date [DATA EXPUNGED] using a voluntary death row inmate in exchange for a life sentence showed a possible hazard when using SCP-871. The subject was to erase the phrase "I murdered [NAME REMOVED]." The subject appeared to immediately implode, leaving no visible sign that he/she was even there at all. In his/her place stood the victim, completely naked. The victim appeared the same age as when he/she was murdered, but any attempt at communication resulted in failure as the newly revived victim showed signs of dementia and great confusion. It is hypothesized that the victim had no memory of who he/she is, nor any language or basic motor skills. The victim passed out and was promptly tested. Brain scans of the victim showed erratic signals as well as nearly every part of the brain being active at the same time. Upon waking, the victim began to thrash about and became very distraught. Heart monitors recorded the heart beat at 180 beats per minute and a blood pressure of 400/212. Before a tranquilizer could be administered, the victim experienced a massive heart attack and died. Victim could not be revived.

Autopsy revealed that the majority of the victim's brain was completely smooth and about the size of that of an average newborn. The rest of the body was that of a typical adult. The reason is currently unknown.

Until an accurate effect range and safety level of the item's usage is established, SCP-871 is to be locked away until further experiments are authorized by a unanimous vote of a 10 member panel of O5 personnel.

Note: Due to the events surrounding SCP-050, future access to SCP-871 is restricted without prior approval and supervision by an O5. -O5-█

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