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Item #: SCP-873

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under normal circumstances SCP-873 is to remain in an isolation chamber, 4 metres in diameter and 2.5 metres high, durably padded, equipped with a central drain in the floor and water valve in the ceiling. 1200 kcal of Standard Food Mixture 003 mixed with ██████████████ is to be dropped in from ceiling vents in the morning and evening. Ten minutes of flowing water will be provided after each meal.

During 873's more lucid periods (see Document #873-03), he may be allowed more typical residence befitting prisoners under interrogation. Tranquilization by gaseous sedatives is mandatory before each move. For his own protection all potentially hazardous objects are to be kept out of 873's reach at all times.

No unnecessary equipment, clothing, furniture, or other items are to be introduced into either chamber. Personnel are required to wear treated MBC suits and be individually approved by Dr. Marracini before entry is permitted. One week of complete isolation quarantine are required after returning. Any personnel exhibiting similar symptoms to SCP-873 are to be apprehended immediately and observed in a secondary chamber for two months, after which they are to be immediately terminated. (Containment of secondary victims of SCP-873 may be either individual or collective, as to be determined by Dr. Marracini.)

Description: SCP-873 is an adult human male, estimated to be around 47 years old. Medical tests indicate no abnormal diseases or conditions outside of mild anemia. Known infectious biological structures are similarly absent. Psychological evaluation during the periods in which the subject is most lucid, and behavioral observation at other times, indicate that 873 is a victim of lycanthropy and believes himself to be in the process of transforming into an organism of unknown nature (see Document#873-03). Neuroimaging bears out this hypothesis.

The organism which SCP-873 imitates is currently unknown, as the subject has not been able to name or describe it during lucid phases, and observations of his degenerate behavior do not match that of any animals known to the Foundation. In addition, the disorder appears to be transmissible to other humans (see Document #873-01), and termination of the subject will be postponed until the nature of the delusion and transmission vector are identified.

Addendum: Dr. Alvarez suggests, based on observations between ██/██/████ ████ and ██/██/████ ████, that 873 may be suffering additional psychological problems, including auditory and possibly visual hallucinations that suggest comorbid schizophrenia or related disorders. Drs. Marracini and Butler advocate further testing before such conclusions are drawn.

Document #873-01: Acquisition Timeline
██/██/████: Hypothetical Incident 873-A (███████████, Brazil).
All survivors now presumed deceased.

██/██/████: Hypothetical Incident 873-B (████████, Brazil).
Number of survivors believed to be thirteen. 11 confirmed dead, 2 at large.

██/██/████: Incident 873-C (São Paulo, Brazil). First definite instance in which SCP-873 was involved.
Breakout of contagion at █████████████ Sanitarium, leading to a news blackout and lockdown. All 5 survivors are reported to exhibit symptoms similar to that of SCP-873, and are transferred to nearby asylums. Most records were destroyed, but Foundation agents were later able to identify an incoming patient as the source and trace her back to prior incidents A and B. Incidents prior to A are not known.

██/██/████: Incident 873-D (São Paulo, Brazil).
The Foundation became aware of SCP-873 during the aftermath of Incident 873-D and successfully eradicated all other victims. SCP-873 was held for further study and transported to his current location. Investigations determined that 873 was a patient in █████████ Mental Hospital prior to the incident, transferred from █████████████ Sanitarium. Prior to Incident 873-C he is thought to have been a secretary in the office of responsible for the patient believed to have caused Incidents 873-B and -C.

██/██/████: Incident 873-E (São Paulo, Brazil).
Quarantined and decontaminated under the direction of the SCP Foundation. All survivors eradicated.

██/██/████: Incident 873-F (Site ████)
[DATA EXPUNGED]. All survivors quarantined, observed and terminated.


Document #873-02: ██████████████████████████████

Document #873-03: Known characteristics of symptoms and contagion process
Class-3 and higher personnel may consult the SCP-873 medical records for further information.

SCP-873 oscillates between a period of near-human behavior and degenerate phase. Peak lucidity and degeneracy occur approximately 29 days apart. At his best, 873 is able to read, speak, use basic tools, and walk upright (though he does not write intelligibly or remember faces for extended periods, and reacts with extreme hostility to perceived injury or slight). However, as 873 enters the degenerate phase linguistic comprehension disappears, and he becomes actively malicious. Cannibalistic activity has been observed at least twice. Tool use becomes erratic and seems guided mainly by attempts to injure others or, occasionally, himself. Pattern recognition, however, remains, and facial recognition seems actually to improve, as he reacts more strongly against personnel he has previously assaulted. It is not clear whether 873 can recognize himself in a mirror.

SCP-873 also loses his bipedal gait, instead preferring to go about on all fours and, frequently, his stomach or back. Observation suggests he believes himself to be in possession of at least three more limbs than he actually has, which accounts for certain ineffective movements that have resulted in self-injury. Chemical imbalances are observed and compensated for through the food supply. SCP-873 also appears to use his senses and muscles more effectively, but this is likely only a cognitive development. No other biological changes have been noted.

These observations also hold true for infectees of SCP-873. The vector of transmission of the disease is unknown, but the following sources have all been eliminated:

  • Bacterial and fungal infections, viruses and prions
  • Physical contact, airborne matter, or air exchange

Containment procedures have been incorporated to account for all of these possibilities and failed to prevent multiple Incidents.

  • Physical proximity
  • Visual or informational exposure

Incident 873-H was traced to D-class personnel ████ █████, who was stationed at Site ███ but was never in contact with SCP-873, its containment sector, or any of the doctors or research files associated with the SCP.

  • Recognized paranormal phenomena or spiritual contact

Various equipment and other SCPs have been utilized in the Foundation's observations, but failed to reveal any abnormal events.

Dr. Butler has suggested that at least one person, D-class personnel ███████ ████, was somehow able to act as a carrier during Incident 873-H. Unfortunately, this possibility cannot be properly studied, due to his quarantining and termination following the incident.

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