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Item #: SCP-876

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, containment procedures are largely impossible. All field agents should be on the lookout on those days when SCP-876 is scheduled to make an appearance. (See Addendum 876-2)

Description: SCP-876 is a travelling section of a flea market, which attaches itself to regular markets across the world. Confirmed locations are across the globe, on six continents, and could turn up anywhere there is a flea market scheduled. Agent reports and photographic documentation have confirmed that the same stalls and proprietors have been in every confirmed location, sometimes on opposite sides of the world with insufficient time for regular travel, thus suggesting an interdimensional origin.

Agents have reported the proprietors responding in every language they are spoken to in, and they will accept any form of currency, including barter.

The true reason for SCP-876 designation however, is due to the fact these stalls are selling anomalous items and even possible SCPs, mixed in with regular, largely identical items. To date, no recovered anomalous items or SCP candidates have been malevolent or dangerous in and of themselves, however, the fact that these items could be sold in nearly any city on the planet poses a significant potential threat from the standpoints of security, secrecy, and containment.

It has been theorized by several Agents and Researchers that these stalls are the source of many of the SCPs and other anomalous items reportedly bought at flea markets.

Thus far, no fewer than ████ possible SCPs and anomalous items have been recovered by agents posing as shoppers, though fewer than 8% of those recovered have had any abilities.

Partial list of possible SCPs recovered:

Date: ██/██/19██
Item: Fifteen (15) bottles visually identical to SCP-500
Cost: 2 Dollars US equivalent per bottle
Details: After testing, all pills in all bottles were generic painkillers as can be obtained from any drug store.

Date: ██/██/19██
Item: Four (4) objects visually identical to SCP-131-A and SCP-131-B
Cost: 10 Dollars US Equivalent
Details: After testing, determined to be inanimate dolls. Minor bidding war ocurred when they were deemed inanimate and safe, despite being made of [DATA EXPUNGED], and declared "Too cute to incinerate."

Date: ██/██/20██
Item: Sixteen (16) boxes of various snack foods
Cost: Varied, average of 50 Dollars US Equivalent
Details: Each of the sixteen boxes contained a different snack food, 14 of which have been previously dispensed by SCP-261. Testing has shown them to be identical to those dispensed, and all completely safe for human consumption.

Date: ██/██/20██
Item: Various articles of clothing with company logos on them, some unable to be found in any trademark or copyright records
Cost: Varied, average of 15 Dollars US Equivalent
Details: Despite company and sports team logos non existant on this planet, 98% of the recovered items are completely safe and made from standard materials. The remaining 2% have a mild memetic visual effect to make one desire products from the company depicted. Determined to be merely a mild craving during tests. These have been declared safe, but are to remain in storage.

Addendum 876-2:
SCP-876 will not appear at impromptu flea markets or at locations during the "off season". Only one of SCP-876 is known to exist, and moves about to flea market sites on scheduled days seemingly at random, staying for the duration of the market, then vanishing when nobody is looking. Recording equipment suffers a video glitch lasting approximately a tenth of a second, during which the stalls vanish on departure, or appear on arrival.

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