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Item #: SCP-878

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-878 is kept in a 4m x 4m titanium/depleted uranium room lined with approximately 100 millimeters of lead on both inside and outside.

SCP-878 should be checked on and have its room inspected every three (3) hours. Anyone who enters this room without specific orders by Level 4 personnel is to be terminated immediately. The only person allowed to remove SCP-878 is Prof. █████ ██████ and only if he is accompanied by no less than eight (8) armed guards.

Note: Where the hell am I supposed to find "eight-armed guards"?? What, are we hiring octopi now? - Prof. █████ ██████

All personnel assigned to SCP-878 are to have mental and physical evaluations once per week. All personnel, other than researchers, are to be terminated after two (2) months. Researchers are to be rotated and subjected to mental evaluations every three (3) weeks.

In the event of an escape by SCP-878, Base ██ in █████ ████████ is to be locked down, and █████████ █████ forces are to be sent to detain by any, and all, means necessary.
No less than one battalion of ███████ ███████ guards are to be around the perimeter at all times, with 150 more within the facility.

Description: SCP-878 was found in Northern California in the United States of America. When found, it was using an attachment on its arm to spray paint “Doctor Steel for World Emperor” on a US Government building. It also had a 7.62mm Gatling gun attached to the other arm and a jet-pack. SCP-878 stands at about 2.1m high and weighs 362kg.

SCP-878 appears to be a highly advanced mechanical object. At irregular intervals its eyes will light up red and it will use hidden speakers to say, “Doctor Steel, Doctor Steel,” in a high-pitched, metallic voice. It has also been recorded playing music by a musician named “Doctor Steel”. All attempts to locate this individual have been fruitless. SCP-878 has not attempted any violence in either its detainment or capture.

If exposed to any human, it will begin spreading propaganda to the individual. The individual will begin to obsess over a “Doctor Steel” to become “World Emperor” and to build a “Utopian Playland”. It continually sends extremely loud rally cries to an “Army of Toy Soldiers”. Several times in the past, seemingly mentally unstable persons have attempted to free this robot, not stopping until they were all dead, or incapacitated. It is unclear how they learned of its location. The only way is for the robot to be either broadcasting in a way that is impossible for us to monitor, or it has turned one of the 14 people permitted access to its cell through the propaganda it spreads.

Security Log:
November 3, 2007: SCP-878 released by defected guards within the facility. SCP-878 located 46 miles away in ████ ███████, █████, ██████ ██████. 13 fire teams of █████████ █████ were used to detain it. New guidelines written up for guards to ensure the safety of the facility, and project.

Addendum: Class D subjects with many different political leanings left in room with SCP-878. Out of 20 individuals originally set against anything other than their own beliefs and political stance put in the room, 19 attempted to escape the facility and release SCP-878. The last individual was killed when they initially fought against the others. Whether he was immune or merely resistant to SCP-878's effects has yet to be determined, and should be researched.

Addendum: SCP-878 seems to have an affection for clothing of military origin, such as pants or shirts with a camouflage pattern. Reason unknown.
Warning: All personnel who interact with SCP-878 should be given polygraph tests after each session.

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