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Item #: SCP-884

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Whilst SCP-884 poses no physical threat, it is advised to keep it locked in it's designated safe located in Dr. █████████'s office, as it could potentially disrupt the financial wellbeing of an area.
It is locked with a three key system, one key being held by Dr. █████████ and the other two by [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is to prevent 884 from being abused.

Description: SCP-884 is a near blank credit card with a "HSBC" logo. Other than the logo, it appears to be an non-embossed credit card. This is why it went undetected for such a long period of time.
Found by one Mr. Douglas Hudson, the credit card has £1000 credit on the account accessed with the pin █████. After being used, the monetary balance on the account ‘resets’ itself after the card is withdrawn from the ATM. As the card actually has no existing account, millions of pounds were lost across various cities until it was determined that Douglas Hudson was responsible.
He was incarcerated by the authorities where SCP agents took possession of the card.

Due to the nature of the card, Douglas Hudson was led to believe that the card was manufactured by a gang and was charged with theft. No termination is necessary.

As stated, the account given on an ATM screen does not exist. Upon examining the card, which at first was thought to be a type of hacking device created to bypass ATMs, it was found to give out its own magnetic field. Strangely, this magnetic field seems to interfere with electronics, but not attract metals. The plastic itself seems to be a self-repairing polymer but has no similar earthen counterparts. Attempts to recreate the plastic have failed.

After testing with the ATM machines, it was hypothesized that it could be used with other electronic devices. Testing soon to follow.

Note: Staff are asked not to try and get access to the safe in order to use SCP-884.

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