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Item #: SCP-888

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-888 has been sent to laboratory 5-4G for further analysis and possible integration of findings to our electrical mainframe. However, it should remain inside its glass box at all times. No one is allowed to manipulate any moving part of SCP-888. Transporting it should be undertaken with utmost care, and movement should be restricted to a few centimeters every day. In all likelihood, plans of retrofitting laboratory 5-4G into a room dedicated to monitor and safeguard the item will be undertaken in the near future, including vibration neutralizers capable of muffling earthquakes up to a magnitude of 8 on the Richter scale.

Description: Item #888 is a complex system of wheels, pulleys, and other simple machines of unknown design and based on no known scientific principle. This amalgam of steel, plastic, glass and wood is contained in a 0.61m (2ft) glass box. These parts are constantly in motion, and appear to be very sensitive. One obvious part of SCP-888 is a 5.08cm (2in) cog balanced on a glass needle, spinning at an observed 180rpm. This cog seems to be the main driveshaft of the system, although the mechanism for its movement are unknown. There are no wires, curiously enough, save for two 1.27cm (0.5in) copper wires floating 0.64cm (0.25in) from the top of the cog, distanced 0.51cm (0.2in) from each other. There is an electric current flowing between the wires. Again, the mechanism responsible for this creation of energy are unknown.

Addendum: All measurements are estimates, as opening the glass box requires shattering it, resulting in damage to the closed system and most likely destroying its energy-producing capabilities.

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