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Item #: SCP-893

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-893a is to be kept in a 3 cubic meter room. It shall be secured to the center of the holding area, in order to restrict SCP-893b from moving outside of the area. Steel clamps are sufficient. Walls are to be .3 meter thick, reinforced concrete, to reduce possible complications to containment. No other objects are to be left inside the chamber, unless testing is in process.

Description: SCP-893 was originally located by field agents while surveying the Mississippi flood planes for potential SCP activity. A set of 4 wooden floor slats and attached nails are designated SCP-893a. They are mostly typical of building materials of the early 1900's, except for their hosting of the entity SCP-893b. The entity housed within these simple wood slats is a malicious force that has a great hatred of children. It manifests in mirrors as a sickly green face of a child of apparent age between 6-9 years old. The entity always appears as a male caucasian with an openly hateful expression. Those witnessing it complain of feeling an immediate threat against their person, activating their “fight or flight” mechanic. The area of influence exhibited by SCP-893b is a 1 meter radius centered on SCP-893a.

It has never appeared to an adult. However when a child is left alone in a room containing SCP-893a, SCP-893b is known to manifest with a high frequency. Once manifested, it taunts, heckles and uses visually macabre effects upon its own visage. These manifestations appear to be with the goal of causing the child mental suffering. In some cases the entity has been shown to generate a limited amount of force on its surroundings. Most notably, it has destroyed and rebuilt toys in an effort to torment children. In other instances, children have been lightly pushed while traversing stairs. While not powerful, this push has been seen to cause loss of balance with the intent of a potentially fatal fall. As long as containment is not breached by a child, the entity is harmless. Photograph unavailable at current time. The reflected face is resistant to normal photography methods.

Addendum: The ease of containment SCP-893 has displayed makes it ideal for study in entities without a physical form. As this subject has no practical application, it makes a perfect test subject for experimental Foundation devices. Using this entity for testing will endow or researchers with data to aid in the capture and detainment of more powerful entities. The entity does appear to be learning. Observations performed via special screens and mirrors now discourage its manifestation. Other indirect observation methods are still effective.

Addendum: Housing with high turnover rates were cross-referenced with the medical records of the owners. Houses that had a history of family trauma were placed under watch. Posing as a variety of easily overlooked individuals, agents tracked the rumor mill to find which houses were likely targets. This method required 6 months of field work by two agents, and minimal resources. Once spectral analysis proved the location of the SCP, Agents retrieved it, under the guise of random vandalism. By breaking into the house and committing random destruction and minor theft while the family was out for the evening, they successfully disguised the true intent of the intrusion. A “concerned citizen” called local police to complain of “young hoodlums” smashing windows in the neighborhood. Due to all attacks rumoring to have happened in the children's bedroom, the agents took care to avoid all children during transport. Only one casualty was inflicted during retrieval. A child escaped agent notice and moved within range, triggering the SCP. A caucasian female, age 5, lost balance while riding her bicycle. She was killed instantly when she fell into the path of a semi-truck. No other mishaps are recorded in retrieval.

Test Logs:
Dictated by Dr. Rei

Parameters: D-893-02, bed, dresser w/mirror, 1 hour.
Results: No recorded incident.
Test Comments: I believe the failure to perform may be due to D-893-02. As the child is comatose, there is no true pain that the SCP may cause her. Let's switch to terminal orphans.

Parameters: D-893-09, bed, dresser w/mirror, pull-string duck toy, 1 hour.
Results: As with other conscious children, SCP-893 reacts with the facial manifestation in the mirror after approximately 15 minutes alone with the child. D-893-09 seems to overcome his fear and attempts to interact using the toy. 2 minutes later, toy is heard making the sounds of Regurgitation. D-893-09 cries until end of test as 893 continues to taunt. At test's end, door is opened remotely to allow test subject's exit. While leaving, door slams shut on subject's arm. Mild bruising results.
Test Comments: Interesting. The duck's mouth moved, despite lack of moving parts.

Parameters: D-893-09, bed, dresser w/mirror, toy robot, 1 hour.
Results: D-893-09 entered emotional state as soon as he recognized the hallway leading to the test room. 893 reacts as per normal behavior. 24 minutes into the test, toy seen to animate. Toy seen to dance and blink lights as per its make and model. At 37 minutes, toy removes bazooka from the shoulder plate, and fires a [DATA EXPUNGED]. Manifestation ends prematurely, upon death of test subject.
Test Comments: The weapon was molded directly into the shoulder of the toy. I would say this was impossible, however I know who I work for. No further tests to be done with any war like toys.

Parameters: D-893-12, dresser w/mirror, cardboard tube, 1 hour.
Results: D-893-12 is unmolested by 893 until the 46 minute mark. At this point, the subject is using the cardboard tube as a saber. He drops the tube as he is startled by the appearance of 893. After 90 seconds the tube rises from the floor and strikes at the subject as would a child practicing his swordplay. D-893-12's clothing sleeve splits open as if a blade had been drawn across it. Control override becomes necessary to prevent agents from opening test room door. Test ends at 1 hour when door is unlocked. The cardboard tube ceases floating, and the 893 ends manifestation. Agents retrieve the test subject and take him to the infirmary.
Test Comments: It can act on a child's imagined weapons. This represents a possible threat to containment if testing is to continue. I can just see “little Timmy” imagining his hand being a particle projection cannon. Better put forth a request to either end all testing for total containment or upgrade the class of the SCP.

Addendum: Request for upgrade Euclid class approved. Continue testing after increasing safety protocols. ██/██/████

Incident Log #893-4/4/09:
Video and Audio Recording of SCP-893 holding chamber.

Dr. Rei: “That's it people, there's no more point in using children for tests. We'll try again next time with some disposables.”

[Test subjects seen being escorted from the room by security personnel and the doctor. Two agents remain to clean up.]

Agent ███████: “Finally, I thought it would never end.”

Agent Corrith: “You're always such a baby about it. It's just kids. Not like the doc would let them get hurt.”

Agent ███████: “I'm not a baby, it's just not right to risk kids.”

Agent Corrith: “Such a baby. I should requisition a pacifier for you.”

Agent ███████: “Bite me ███. Ow!”

Agent Corrith: “I didn't even touch you, you whiner.” [Agent seen looking past his partner's shoulder at the mirror used during testing. He displays a sudden disgust. Then looking around the room before becoming confused.]

Agent ███████: “Why are you looking so spooked? The kids are gone.”

Agent Corrith: “Check behind the table. One must have hid on us. I can see the little green bastard.” His voice is just above a whisper.

[Agent ███████ seen searching the room with her partner. After 2 minutes 42 seconds Agent Corrith is seen to be growing more enraged. Finally pulling Agent ███████ close and whispering to her. As they move to leave, he trips.]

Agent Corrith: “That bastard tripped me! That little piece of ███ actually tripped me!”

[Doctor Rei is seen reentering the room.]

Doctor Rei: “What are you two doing in here? Return to the observation room and keep… Agents, why are you both so… Get to the infirmary immediately.”

[He follows the agents out, and the door is seen closing.]

[End Log]

Addendum: After the incident this afternoon, all test and security personnel other than the test subjects will be subject to standard testing for maturity. Those lacking proper behavior patterns will be denied access for safety reasons. It seems captivity and observation has made the SCP spread its targets to those behaving childishly. Those involved in this incident will be reviewed for potential keter duty. -Dr. Rei

Addendum: Have none of you reached the mental age needed to interact as professionals? Agent █████ is lucky that his finger didn't end up in his brain this time. And seriously people, no toilet humor. We don't know what this thing will consider childish. -Dr. Rei

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