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Item #: SCP-895

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All copies of SCP-895 are available for researcher use. When not actively in use, copies of SCP-895 are to be stored in containment locker 13 at site 19.

Description: SCP-895 is a number of small plastic monkeys, shaped in such a way that the monkeys hands are covering its ears. On the bottom of each copy is stamped 'The Factory.' Copies of SCP-895 are easily destroyed, whether through brute strength or applied heat.

When any living being come within five meters of SCP-895, and becomes visually aware of said SCP, they lose all ability to hear for 24 hours.

Copies of SCP-895 have most often been found in anarchist groups, who seem to delight in placing said SCP in public places, such as churches, schools, and places of business. Task Force Lambda-3 "No Given Nickname" is devoted to tracking down these groups, and liberating all instances of SCP-895.

The Foundation currently has 12 copies of SCP-895.

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