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Item #: SCP-896

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All copies of SCP-896 are available for researcher use. When not actively in use, copies of SCP-896 are to be stored in containment locker 13 at Site 19.

Description: SCP-896 is a number of small plastic monkeys, each shaped in such a way that the monkey's hands are covering its eyes. On the bottom of each copy is stamped 'The Factory.' Copies of SCP-896 are easily destroyed, whether through brute strength or applied heat.

When any living being comes within five meters of SCP-896, and becomes visually aware of said SCP, they lose all ability to see for 24 hours.

SCP-896 was first encountered in the hands of a serial rapist, now known as D-896. We are unaware at this time whether SCP-896 was made in smaller batches then SCP-894 and SCP-895, or if the current owners of copies of SCP-896 are simply better at hiding its uses.

The Foundation currently has 2 copies of SCP-896.

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