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Item #: SCP-897

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-897 requires no special containment beyond keeping it out of the public eye.

SCP-897 is to be kept in weapon containment locker 43. Beyond the standard security for that locker area, locker 43 has 2 locks, each operated by retinal scanner. Dr. █████ and Dr. Rei are currently keyed to these locks. Both must be present to open the locker. Both Doctors are cleared to test the device and may authorize field use with proper paperwork.

Description: SCP-897 is a ████████ brand hair dryer manufactured in 1997. This model is distinguished by its hot pink casing and the slogan, “It will blow your mind!”, printed beneath the model number.

SCP-897 does not blow the mind. It does blow the soul. Testing with various electromagnetic and light sensors has proven that the “soul” or “ghost” of the user is eroded by the device. This often has the effect of dulling the personality of the user over multiple uses. Continued use can lead to coma and brain death.

Test Log #897-█/██/04:

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Addendum: SCP-897 is not a tool of revenge. Nor is it a toy or gag gift. After this week’s incident, it is evident that the device needs to be kept under lock and key. I don’t care if she was sleeping with your husband, 897 was a tremendously poor choice for a birthday present.

Addendum: ██/██/████ - Dr. Rei has been assigned as secondary researcher on 897. This is to facilitate the new containment procedure. Mrs. Long has been assigned Keter duty with SCP-███. Perhaps this will discourage further misuse of SCPs.

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