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Item #: SCP-902

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-902 is contained in a triple locked 7.62cm (3in) reinforced steel box. Three (3) different Level 5 personnel possess the keys to SCP-902, Dr. ████████, Dr. Gears, and Dr. Klein. Subjects must obtain the respective key and clearance from each of these personnel. Subjects will then return the key to it's original owner immediately after testing. Personnel are advised not to touch SCP-902 physically with their bare hands. Thick gloves and Site 10 suits are required for personnel to handle SCP-902. The only personnel can handle SCP-902 are male or castrated male and female personnel. All SCP-902 tests are to be overseen by Dr. ████████.

Description: SCP-902 was discovered in an ancient Incan temple in South America. SCP-902 is a small statue of a Incan woman cradling a baby in her arms, crafted of petrified wood. If bare flesh of any human female touches SCP-902, the subject will conceive a child within twenty four (24) hours. This will happen regardless of physical state, although the subject must have sexual organs. This will also happen regardless if the subject is a virgin or if they had had sexual activity lately. If subjects touch the mother figure, they will conceive a male or female child, but if subjects touch the infant figure, they will conceive a female child. The aforementioned child will always be beautiful, and most of the time intelligent. It is unknown why this happens.

SCP-902's effect will not, however, work on castrated subjects, men, or animals. It also has a ████████ ████ effect on subjects from [DATA EXPUNGED].

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