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SCP-903 seen from Station A

Item #: SCP-903

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Access to either side of SCP-903 is to be restricted to authorized research personnel only. The entrances must be sealed and kept under surveillance at all times. During testing, under no circumstances are personnel to enter SCP-903 or attempt to cross it. Any persons attempting unauthorized entry will be subject to lethal force. Any test subject or item that has passed through SCP-903 must be immediately destroyed once testing is concluded.

For test personnel riding in SCP-903, it is imperative that they stay in the monorail car and keep their arms and legs within the vehicle at all times. Any subject that violates this rule is to be immediately terminated.

Description: SCP-903 is an old and incomplete Site-19 utility tunnel that connects the SCP Containment Wing with the Lambda Laboratory Wing. The tunnel is one meter in diameter and buried approximately five meters underground. Because of its incomplete nature, SCP-903 is an empty concrete tunnel and contains no piping, wiring, or other utility equipment. SCP-903 also contains an old rail system that consists of a single monorail that spans the entire length of SCP-903.

SCP-903 was originally used as a discreet method of transporting SCPs from the Containment Wing directly to the Lambda Laboratory Wing. Due to its isolated location, SCP-903 proved to be an effective way to move SCPs in the most secure way possible. However, this practice was discontinued shortly after Incident 903-1, where the presiding personnel violated standard operating procedure and transported several SCPs at once, rather than one at a time. The resulting incident is most likely what caused SCP-903 to be in its current condition.

At first glance, SCP-903's most obvious feature is the fact that the entire tunnel is completely visible, despite the lack of any internal lighting. The lighting appears to be emanating from the white line of paint spiraling around the tunnel walls, but the exact method how this works is unclear. However, when a person or object attempts to traverse SCP-903, they are afflicted by random yet severe effects that take place in three stages.

The first stage consists of anomalous sounds emanating from outside SCP-903. Surviving test subjects have reported hearing screaming and voices beckoning to them from outside the tunnel, despite the tunnel being underground and its walls constructed out of reinforced concrete. The second stage involves psychotic visions. Based on interviews, the visions cannot be reliably described or quantified, but all subjects agree that they are stressful and disconcerting. Finally, the third stage depends heavily on whether or not the test subject leaves the monorail cart. Should the subject or any part of his body leave the confines of the cart, he will undergo a painful and often times fatal transformation process. They will inexplicably lose parts of their bodies such as organs, extremities, muscle, and fluids. However, inanimate objects that enter SCP-903 are not affected unless they are placed within SCP-903 outside the cart. The object will then suffer the same effect as living subjects, with pieces of it inexplicably disappearing. Despite this, the monorail cart and the rail itself do not appear to be affected by SCP-903. Where this missing material goes is currently unknown.

Complaint Log:
Incident 903-1 caused a power surge that knocked out electricity for all of Site-19. Fortunately, backup generators maintained power to the containment wing. Personnel responsible for the incident have been disciplined accordingly.

Observation and reconnaissance was unable to determine the source of the disturbance. Any further reports of ‘screaming’ are to be reported to Site Security.

In response to the sudden and unfortunate electrocution of two maintenance personnel, all internal wiring and lighting in Tunnel 3 will be removed for inspection until further notice.

The sudden appearance of [DATA EXPUNGED] in the tunnel so far has no explanation. Site-19 is to be locked down until further notice.

Personnel examining Tunnel 3 were extracted after they unexpectedly collapsed. Autopsies showed that all personnel inside Tunnel 3 experienced a sudden and catastrophic loss of all bone marrow tissue. Three casualties total.

Tunnel 3 begins glowing without the presence of any lighting. Area immediately evacuated and locked down until further notice.

Tunnel 3 closed down and redesignated SCP-903.

Testing for SCP-903 begins. Request for D-Class personnel sent.

For reasons unknown, Researcher ████████ stole SCP-███ and placed it within SCP-903. By the time security personnel managed to terminate Researcher ████████ and extract SCP-███, it was inert and declared Neutralized. Security around SCP-903 increased.

Incident 903-2 occurs. Monorail system suddenly activates on its own and begins traversing SCP-903. The tunnel lighting suddenly deactivates for three seconds. Once lighting reactivates, an unknown entity is seen riding SCP-903. It immediately attacks personnel and displays abilities related to SCP-███. Entity terminated by security personnel. Autopsy reveals that the entity was constructed from several test subjects and items. All testing indefinitely halted.

Addendum: SCP-903 is starting to generate abilities that match those of SCPs that were carried through it. It seems to be mixing and matching abilities so that it creates completely new and unseen effects. Examples include, but are not limited to: [DATA EXPUNGED]. -Dr. ████████

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