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Item #: SCP-903-1

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-903-1 will only appear periodically, alongside SCP-903, and will shortly disappear into SCP-903, so there is no need for containment. However if SCP-903-1 is separated from SCP-903's side, then SCP-903-1 will become agitated, so personnel are advised to not touch it unless it needs to be terminated. Personnel are advised to stay out of SCP-903-1's line of sight. A simple kick to SCP-903-1 to knock it over should do if SCP-903-1 becomes unruly.

Description: SCP-903-1 is a minion of SCP-903. SCP-903-1 is a small, white, oblong shaped device with a red circle in the middle of its "face." SCP-903-1 has three black claw-like appendages on its underside, which it uses to stand. SCP-903-1 is always stationary. SCP-903-1 emanates a thin beam of red light from its "eye." SCP-903-1 has a panel on each side that conceal two automatic turrets. If personnel enter SCP-903-1's line of sight, SCP-903-1 will open fire until they are dead or out of its line of sight. SCP-903-1 is bulletproof, but will shut down itself if picked up or knocked over. SCP-903-1 is only completely destroyed by incineration or disintegration. SCP-903-1 has a childish female voice, and will talk to personnel. It has been recorded apologizing to personnel frequently, especially after opening fire.

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