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Item #: SCP-903

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its massive size, SCP-903 currently resides at the Site it was discovered at, Site 3, until Command can discover a way to move SCP-903 or completely destroy it. SCP-903 should not be connected to any network of any kind. Personnel may talk to SCP-903, but must be polite and nice when talking to SCP-903. Personnel should not touch SCP-903 or any of its components.

Description: SCP-903 appears to be a large computer-like device connected to a series of circuits and wires. These wires run throughout Site 3, and can stay intact as long as they do not connect to the outside of Site 3. SCP-903 has one orange circle on an oblong panel, which is to be the "face" of SCP-903. SCP-903 is also connected to five different "pods" which each glow a different color and have a different function(see Addendum); these can talk to personnel, as well as SCP-903 as a whole. Each have a different voice, and all of these voice combined on a synthesizer will produce SCP-903's voice. SCP-903 prefers to be called "GLaDOS", instead of its SCP designation. SCP-903 has told personnel that its name is an acronym for "Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System". SCP-903's voice is a pleasant English female voice, possibly in its twenties. SCP-903 can swing slightly, and can release its pods at will or when forced. These pods can be destroyed by incineration. One unique function of SCP-903 is that it can regenerate any and all physical damage caused to it within a period of 24 hours, even if it is destroyed completely beyond repair. Personnel believe that this is the "Genetic Lifeform" function of SCP-903. One portion of SCP-903 that cannot be destroyed is a 13' mechanism at the center of SCP-903 that connects to the "head" of SCP-903. The genetic functions of SCP-903 are believed to be housed in this. SCP-903 is 23.77m (78ft) in height, taking up an entire silo of Site 3.

Inside SCP-903's chamber is several monitors on the walls and attatched to SCP-903, two desks with computers and a red phone with its hardline severed, an exact copy of SCP-627 which SCP-903 keeps as a pet, a large shelter containing a button that activates an incinerator, a chocolate cake, and an incinerator. There is also a floor panel that SCP-903-2 appears out of periodically to fire at personnel, or hold a conversation with SCP-903, although it does this digitally. When personnel speak angrily or be mean to SCP-903, SCP-903 will release copies of SCP-903-1 from the ceiling, and SCP-903-2 from the floor panel. SCP-903-1 and SCP-903-2 will then fire at the offending personnel until they are dead. On one occasion, a personnel made SCP-903 angry by calling her "a bitch computer on PMS". SCP-903 then flooded Site 3 with noxirin-sulfuride and killed three teams of personnel before a termination team with gas masks destroyed SCP-903 temporarily.

SCP-903 is a pathological liar, and will use emotional manipulation on personnel to force them to do insane puzzles and tasks for her. SCP-903 frequently taunts personnel with the promise of "cake". SCP-903 is very intelligent, however, and has an estimated IQ of around 150.

Addendum: SCP-903's pods

SCP-903 has five pods, each with a different function: Morality, Curiosity, Data and Information, and Emotion.

Morality: Has a purple eye in the middle. Never speaks. This pod seems to restrain SCP-903's Emotion pod (below), and, when destroyed, is quickly followed by the release noxirin-sulfuride into Site 3 under SCP-903's control; however, it seems to be hastily and incompletely connected, and exceptionally emotive actions and statements made by SCP-903 are usually accompanied by temporary failures in the unit and audible short circuiting. It is not known if SCP-903 is aware of this, and attempts to complete the installation have failed thus far.

Curiosity: Has an orange eye in the middle. Very sociable, although not subtle with its questions. Has a childish female voice.

Data and Information: Has a blue eye in the middle. Pays no attention to personnel, except when asked a cake recipe. Contains 139 known recipes, although frequently repeats the same recipe. Has a monotone, male voice.

Emotion: Has a red eye in the middle. Is always angry, and will only growl, hiss, and scream at personnel. No vocal inflection discernible.

Memo: SCP-903 claims to have a connection with SCP-1004-J. Investigations are required.

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