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Item #: SCP-907

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-907 is stored in a secure locker at Firing Range C at Site ██. SCP-907 may be used for standard firearms training and practice, provided all use of SCP-907 is documented, particularly any anomalous ammunition. Due to the results of Incident 907-3, SCP-907 has been reclassified Euclid, and may only be used for experimentation in a sealed isolation chamber with approval from Level 4 personnel. Personnel experimenting with SCP-907 must observe full nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) safety procedures.

Description: SCP-907 is a standard steel NATO STANAG-4179 30-round magazine, also known as a M16 magazine. When loaded with ammunition and used in any compatible firearm, SCP-907 behaves normally.

When loaded empty into a compatible firearm, SCP-907 enables the firearm to operate normally, despite the apparent lack of ammunition. Ammunition fired this way does not cause shell casings to be ejected from the weapon, and all attempts at using SCP-907 as a source of ammunition for other uses has failed. Furthermore, the ammunition that is fired from the weapon is always appropriate for the intended use.

However, occasionally the ammunition fired from SCP-907 is highly anomalous, with occurrences of anomalous ammunition increasing as the temperature of the firearm (and SCP-907) increases.

SCP-907 was found in an unauthorized incident response package belonging to Agent ███████ ██████, discovered after Agent ██████'s termination. SCP-907 was tested and its anomalous properties discovered after being found empty and covered with Foundation-standard SCP warning labels, as well as a Post-It note with "FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY" written on it.

Experiment Log 907-1:

Date: 06/11/20██
Subject: D-7622
Firearm Used: M16A3
Rounds Fired: 97
Procedure: Subject instructed to fire at standard paper targets on single-shot setting.
Examination of ammunition fired matches that of match-grade 5.56mm ammunition produced by the █████ █ ██████ Company.

On the 37th iteration, a fragmenting flechette round was fired, which separated into nineteen (19) separate flechettes upon being fired. No ammunition of this type is known to be manufactured by any company.

On the 82nd iteration, a pulsating yellow-and-black striped round was fired, whose tip resembled a large bee stinger. DNA samples taken from the round showed similarities to [DATA EXPUNGED].

On the 97th iteration, a powerful high-explosive-tipped round was fired. The blast severely damaged the wall of the testing chamber and several recording instruments. Experiment halted.

Date: 06/12/20██
Subject: D-7622
Firearm Used: M16A3
Rounds Fired: 112
Procedure: Subject instructed to fire at standard paper targets on single-shot setting.
Examination of ammunition fired matches that of standard 5.56mm ammunition produced by the █████████████ Company.

On the 33rd iteration, a flat-headed round was fired, whose tip resembled a tiny, carved boxing glove.

On the 89th iteration, a chemical delivery dart was fired, containing [DATA EXPUNGED].

On the 112th iteration, a round composed of an unknown alloy was fired. The round ricocheted throughout the test chamber before finally wounding Researcher ███████. Experiment halted.

Date: 06/14/20██
Subject: Agent ████████
Firearm Used: M4A1
Rounds Fired: 135
Procedure: Due to the result of the previous experiment, Subject was instructed to fire the weapon at ballistic gel targets with body armor in outdoor Firing Range C.
Ammunition fired appears to be a type of armor-piercing 5.56mm ammunition produced by █████ █ ██████.

On the 36th iteration, a cloud of buckshot was fired.

On the 65th iteration, a rocket-propelled round was fired, severely overpenetrating the target. Round was later found 1.6 kilometers away.

On the 87th iteration, a glass-vial-tipped round was fired. Upon striking the target, released a highly corrosive acid that ate away most of the target.

On the 119th iteration, a conductive round was fired that delivered a █████-volt jolt to the target upon impact. Disassembly revealed an unidentified type of battery embedded within the bullet, attached to leads.

On the 135th iteration, a fin-guided round was fired that automatically homed in on the head of the target and embedded itself into the center of target's head, before sending out dozens of metal spikes that impaled through the "brain" of the gel target. Experiment halted.

As the anomalous ammunition generated by SCP-907 appear to become increasingly unpredictable and dangerous as the heat of SCP-907 increased, future experimentation with SCP-907 is to be limited to 100 rounds or less.

Experiment Log 907-2:

Additional experimental data logged under Experiment Log 907-2.

Incident 907-3:

On ██/██/20██, firearms training by Agent █████ firing from a standard-issue M4A1 carbine caused a [DATA EXPUNGED] to be fired. The round [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED], forcing emergency containment breach procedures to be enacted, and all personnel exposed to be terminated and incinerated. As of this incident, SCP-907 is to be re-classified Euclid, and all use by regular Foundation security personnel is suspended.

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