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Item #: SCP-909

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-909 is to be kept in a room guarded by no fewer than two (2) Level 1 security personnel at all times. Once every week one Class D personnel will be introduced to SCP-909’s containment area, if and only if the unmarked dials on the left side of the console are in the red. Subject is to be placed in the box between the two pylons and [DATA EXPUNGED] until the twitching ceases and the corpse can be removed.

Once the dials on the right side of the console are in the blue area, approx. once per year, the central controls are to be used to specify a location where a prearranged industrial accident can be staged. SCP-909 is then to be discharged.

Description: SCP-909 is a collection of curved metal plates, wire coils, capacitors, and vacuum tubes surrounded by a strong magnetic field, connected to a console with two rows of unmarked dials, one on each side of three central levers marked in kilometers, with positive and negative modifiers. The device sparks constantly, and can be seen to glow blue on occasion.
There is a human-sized opening between the two primary pylons of the device.

The overall purpose of the device is to generate shock waves by manipulating the electromagnetic field of the earth. No shutdown controls seem to be present, and the machine itself seems to be on a feedback loop of sorts. Left untended, it starts dragging victims into the fueling chamber and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Attempts to destroy or decommission the device should only be undertaken with the understanding that another Tunguska-scale blast could occur on site.

SCP-909 has been in containment for some time, allowing for trial and error to work out the optimal timing of ‘feeding’ and ‘discharge’ to generate the fewest overall casualties. If the top right dial is in the red and SCP-909's "feeding" requirements are ignored, the final row [DATA EXPUNGED], whereupon its draw range is potentially in the hundreds of individuals. Allowing the left dials to fill past the blue area on the first row results in larger magnitude blasts, and a corresponding decrease in accuracy.


After extended observation of the blasts generated by the lowest viable setting on the machine, the hypothesis stands that SCP-909 was activated in late June of 1908, the same time as the Tunguska event. Since then, it has been responsible for [DATA EXPUNGED], the Halifax 3 kiloton explosion, and the Vestal 5 kiloton explosion.

The only mitigating factor we've been able to salvage from this damn machine is the fact that it generates enough current in that one shot to power a small city. Harvesting it has proven tricky, but progress is being made.

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