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Item #: SCP-910

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A sample of SCP-910 is to be kept locked in a Standard Biohazard Containment Unit. The item is to be secured by at least two security guards. In case of contamination, anyone coming into contact with SCP-910 is to be terminated by incineration. Ashes must be disposed [DATA EXPUNGED]

In the case of a containment breach, the Site must be locked down. All personnel must be terminated using the same methods described above.

Handling and research of SCP-910 should be carried out with extreme care. Any experiment must be approved by at least two Level 4 (research and command) personnel.

Description: SCP-910 is a highly complex protein. When a mammal comes in contact with this protein, the substance is absorbed through the epidermis, entering the bloodstream in 10-20 seconds after initial exposure.

After 10-15 minutes, the protein modifies the regenerative abilities of the body by an as-yet unknown biochemical mechanism. Primates exhibit symptoms after an hour, while less complex mammals (i.e. hamsters, gerbils, etc.) exhibit symptoms after 20 minutes.

Initial symptoms in humans include nausea, dizziness, malaise and in some cases blurry vision. After 1-2 days these symptoms start to fade away.

The SCP classification is due to the long-term effects of SCP-910. Exposed subjects become apparently 'immortal', but lose normal biological regenerative abilities. Injuries heal at an extremely slow rate. Fatal injuries (except for injuries destroying a subject's body) do not kill the subject, even if it would be expected in given situation. Subjects start to secrete the protein in sweat and saliva by [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-910 was found on ██/██/████ in a village near ████████. Residents of the village were exposed to SCP-910 ███ years ago. Elders of the village were several hundreds of years old and displayed severe signs of biological and mental decay. The village and residents were eradicated by the application of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Even though the village inhabitants were terminated, the possibility of [DATA EXPUNGED] remains.

Addendum: Those with security clearance Level 3 see Interview Log 910-1. Those with security clearance Level 4 see Incident Log 910-2 and Incident Log 910-3.

Interview Log 910-1:

Subject is a 72-year-old male resident with injuries partially covered by the subject's beard. The subject remains cooperative through the procedure. No mental retardation is observed by the interviewing agent.

Agent: Please state your name and age for the record.
Subject: ██████████ █████████, and I'm 72.
Agent: I see you are injured. Do you want any medical assistance?
Subject: Oh, these scars? Don’t mind them. Had them for ages. I've cut my face several times while shaving. They won't heal, though.
Agent: Doesn't that bother you?
Subject: Of course it does. But I still have (subject becomes agitated) a lot of time (subject becomes more excited).
Agent: Do you need - ? (interrupted)
Subject: (almost crying) We can't die. Do you know what that means? Have you seen the hospital? (crying)
Agent: No. Please describe the hospital.
Subject: (still agitated, but only sobbing) And that's not the worst thing. Who knows what will happen when people [DATA EXPUNGED]. Have you considered that? (screaming) You know nothing about it! You don't have to go through it!
Agent: Please restrain yourself.
Subject: (regaining some self control) Sorry. Please, Agent, get some help. I beg you! (screaming again) Please!

Incident Log 910-2:

Agent ████████ – after conducting interviews with the subjects, agent proceeds to the hospital of the village. Upon arriving, a local volunteer proceeds to escort Agent to the ICU.

The first room contains a severely injured 12-year-old boy. The volunteer explains that the child had sustained lethal damages by falling off a cliff in nearby woods. The injuries do not appear to show any signs of healing. Child is in a chemically induced coma.

The second room contains a man who is presumably the eldest resident. The patient seems to be [DATA EXPUNGED] due to advanced age and sustained injuries. At this point, the agent requested to take a five-minute break.


The agent confirmed the nature of the SCP and requested immediate backup. Backup arrived at ██/██/████.

Incident Log 910-3:

Due to exposure to SCP-910, Agent ████████ requested termination, citing that he did not want to go through the same fate as the residents of the village. Request approved. However, [DATA EXPUNGED].

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