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Item #: SCP-919

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: 919 is kept in a sound-proof room at all times, unless it requests otherwise. He is to be provided with any and all musical instruments, everyday commodities and assistants he requires.

Description: SCP-919 appears to be an exceptionally attractive human male between 40 and 50 years of age. His native language is evidently music. 919 is apparently able to compose songs which will reach number one at will. The item is contained mainly for research but also for relaxation and entertainment purposes, seeing how its music clearly has a positive effect on the listeners and 919 himself often wants to play for a live audience.

Note: This nonsense is completely untrue and false. 919 is in fact nothing more than aepetitive one-man-band, utterly devoid of musical talent or grasp of poetry. 919 constantly looks as though it's about to cry, in what can only be a pathetic attempt to garnish attention. Attendants who enter 919's cell without ear protection have experienced intense psychotic episodes, typically culminating in an attempt on 919's life. Unfortunately, thusfar, they've all be unsuccessful.

Document #2311-6: "It is clear to me that, based on contrasting reports, reactions to SCP-919 differ from person to person. After further research, it has been determined that this is not a power of 919 but a matter of individual interest. Such opinions are immaterial to SCP-919, as they have no real effect on the operation of the subject. It is requested that no further such reports are added to the file. -Dr. Klein"

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