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Item #: SCP-920

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-920 is to be stored in a sturdy 0.1 m x 0.1 m x 0.1 m metal container with a triple-combination lock. SCP-920 may only be allowed outside containment only for experimentation and maintenance. SCP-920's lenses must be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Description: Object is a sniper scope, model Schmidt & Bender PM II, but instead of being mounted on a sniper rifle, a custom-made handle and trigger is fitted to the scope. The scope's maximum vision range is 1100 m, but SCP-920's effect range is only 900 m. There is also an indication that it once had a slot for a removable stock and a stand.
When a person looks into SCP-920's scope to a living, biological target and pressed the trigger, the target will develop a sudden non-contagious disease or ailment which may be fatal depending on where the target was shot. For details see Addendum 920-A.
SCP-920 was discovered in the Czech republic following a rumor that [NAME REDACTED], an assassin, was staying there. CIA operatives which were pursuing the assassin was found dead of anomalous heart attacks, and SCP agents, disguised as CIA operatives, resumed the pursuit. The agents finally cornered the assassin, armed with SCP-920, after six casualties on our side. Additional information regarding SCP-920's origin and previous use was lost as the assassin self-terminated by holding the scope backwards and pointed it to the eye of a nearby agent. The agent later confessed that he saw the assassin through the scope, presumably right before the assassin pulled the trigger.

Addendum 920-A: Effects
These are the conclusions to a series of experimentations with various plants, animals, and D-class personnel targeted with SCP-920.

-Target: Plant, Aim: main stem
Targeted plant withered shortly after, due to severe dehydration.

-Target: Animal, Aim: head
Targeted animal rapidly developed either malignant brain tumor(s), brain aneurysm, or brain failure, and died shortly after.

-Target: Animal, Aim: body
Targeted animal rapidly developed either a fatal heart attack, lung failure, or severe hemorrhaging, and most died shortly after. Interestingly, a bulldog developed diabetes and died two days after the experiment.

-Target: Animal, Aim: limbs
Targeted limb became crippled due to either muscular degeneration, nerve disconnection, or cancerous tumors. Most survived the experiment, but some succumbed to gangrene possibly caused by SCP-920.

-Target: Human, Aim: head
Effects similar to when an animal was targeted in the head, but if the aim narrowly missed vital spots, targeted individual receives severe or debilitating mental damage.

-Target: Human, Aim: body
Effects similar to when an animal was targeted in the body. If the aim hit the reproductive organ, cancer may develop rapidly in the aforementioned organ, leading to sterility or death.

-Target: Human, Aim: limbs
Effects similar to when an animal was targeted in the limbs.

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