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Item #: SCP-923

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-923 is to be left in the body of the most recent victim, except when testing. If SCP-923 is still active at the end of testing, it is to be given to a D-Class Personnel, who will become the next storage container.

It is unclear when SCP-923 arrived at site ██. It was discovered after the death of Agent ██████████, who had the misfortune to place SCP-923 in his breast pocket.

Description: SCP-923 appears to be an ordinary ███ pen.

Once a subject has picked up SCP-923 and released it, it will begin sliding towards the subject at a constant speed of 2.1 meters per minute, unless its path is blocked by an obstacle which it cannot slide around. When this happens, it will bore through the obstacle at a speed of 8 centimeters per minute. SCP-923 has been observed boring through wood, concrete, steel and titanium without difficulties. While SCP-923 cannot slide up a vertical surface, it can bore through materials vertically. SCP-923 will continue its path until it reaches the subject's chest, where it will suddenly jump to a speed of 44 meters per second and impale the subject's heart. Once this is done, SCP-923 becomes inert until it is picked up and released again.

In testing, it has been observed that picking SCP-923 up with gloves, tongs, and even a remote-controlled robotic arm is still enough to activate it. So far, the only safe way of transporting SCP-923 is to leave it in its most recent victim and move the body. SCP-923 does, however, become temporarily inert when held.

It has been noted that SCP-923 can only have one target at a time, and will go after the most recent person to have picked it up and released it.

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