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Item #: SCP-927

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-927 is to be kept as far away from Site 19 as possible. The items contained at Site 19 could lead to the spontaneous detonation of SCP-927. Under no circumstances may SCP-927 come into contact with SCP-019 or be brought to Site 62. SCP-927 is to be kept in a [DATA EXPUNGED]. This underground facility is to be policed at all hours by no less than twenty Omicron Class Defense Marshalls.

Description: Item SCP-927 was recovered in a temporal leak that occurs between 2008 and 2019 as a result of the completion of [DATA EXPUNGED] after years of setbacks. [DATA EXPUNGED] eventually experiences a breakdown and causes the aforementioned time leak. In the ensuing chaos, many items crossed between time periods and one of the items left on our side was an explosive device created with the by-products of the [DATA EXPUNGED] experiments. It appears as an [DATA EXPUNGED] with self-radiating black light.

Reference Document: SCP Personnel Hazardous Materials and Explosive Devices Disposal Protocol Handbook

Addendum: (added 4/2/2008 by C9-YT-K111; still awaiting final approval) Some of the SCP staff believe that the previously existing content on SCP-927 does not stress the dire extremity of our situation. Any disturbance of the device could cause detonation and create a supermassive black hole. If this situation should arise, the appropriate action would be to enact ESCP [DATA EXPUNGED].

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