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Item #: SCP-928

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: For their own safety, no personnel are to come within three (3) meters of SCP-928 unless there is at least one other person within three (3) meters of themself. Subject is to be kept in a standard level-█ Potentially Lethal Object containment vault with level-█ video and auditory surveillance present at all times. All commands made by SCP-928 are to be recorded in document-███-b.

Description: SCP-928 is slightly discolored white doll made of ceramic and cloth. The eyes of the doll are capable of movement and will usually follow any person in the vicinity. Although the doll's mouth does not move, it is capable of speech and has communicated with staff on occasion, though it is usually uncooperative and generally remains silent. Physically, the doll is otherwise completely ordinary.

Periodically, SCP-928 will issue commands corresponding to movements in a game of Capablanca chess. Such commands have been issued with as little as five seconds in between, but more often there will be weeks and months between commands, and occasionally even years; it is assumed that this is because SCP-928 is "thinking" about its next move.

If a person approaches SCP-928, both the victim and SCP-928 will vanish, with SCP-928 reappearing in the victim's place several seconds later, "capturing" them. Currently no persons "captured" by SCP-928 have been recovered and all victims are considered dead. However, if there is at least one other human within three meters, SCP-928 will not attempt to "capture" either "piece." Dr. ██████████ believes that doing so would constitute moving into check, which is an illegal move in a game of chess.

Though unconfirmed, it has long since been suspected that SCP-928's commands correspond to movement of "pieces" in the real world. Although no other "pieces" have been encountered, it has been noted that several movements of pawns have coincided with relocation and deployment of low-level Foundation Agents.

Addendum: SCP-928 was assumed to be playing a standard game of chess until the command "archbishop i6 to j8 takes rook" was issued, with the pieces and squares involved only existing in a chess variant known as Capablanca Chess. This command was issued on 9/11/01 nearly eighteen months after its previous command.

Addendum: On ██-██-███, Dr. ██████████ brought a chessboard into SCP-928's chamber and requested a game of chess. SCP-928 was cooperative but was not familiar with the game and had to have the rules explained to it. SCP-928 won the game and has since played against several members of its research team, having won every match. Consider pitting other SCPs known to be skilled at chess against SCP-928, such as SCP-076 or SCP-600. Also consider a match between SCP-928 and SCP-177.

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