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A jack-in-the-box similar to SCP-931

Item #: SCP-931

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-931 must remain in a secured, lead lined containment cell at all times. Any personnel entering the cell must do so via the use of an airlock and be wearing full HEV containment suits. Exiting personnel must be stripped of clothing and thoroughly sprayed with radioactive decontaminate then must be then be scanned to determine radiation exposure.

Description: SCP-931 appears at first glance to be a child’s jack-in-the-box toy, dimensions 15cm x 15cm x 15cm, with wooden plating on each surface. Underneath the wood is a seamless, dark metal of unknown composition, presumably able to reflect the intense amount gamma rays. SCP-931 was recovered by Agent ██████ in ████████, England on ██/██/████ where it had been alerted to the authorities after the death of an infant. When the handle is cranked, a melodic version of "All around the mulberry bush" is played, and after a random number of turns, the top will flip open, emitting gamma rays from an as-yet-unknown source(see Note 931-A1). Three deaths have already been caused during preliminary testing of SCP-931.

The number of times the handle is cranked appears to affect the power of the gamma rays output by the device, although it also seems that the number turns has no effect on the time in which the top will open, seemingly random until proven otherwise. Further testing has yielded impressive results, such as the ability to instantly vaporize objects or people. Considering the current results obtained from testing, it has been theorized that the item would be able to produce enough radiation from 50 turns to penetrate the lead lining the containment chamber.


Text 931-A1: Handle turned approximately 12 times, top opened during the 12th turn. Extreme gamma radiation saturation left the containment facility unable to be accessed for a week. Subject killed instantly due to direct bombardment of gamma radiation.

Test 931-A2: Handle turned exactly 7 times until the flap sprung open. Radiation was easily contained and the researcher remained unharmed.Subject reported seeing a bright light unattributable to any radiation emanating from the box in the final moments of the lid closing.

Test 931-A3: Subject was able to turn handle 34 times, after which they became extremely agitated. After the 35th turn, the lid sprung open but the test subject attempted to close the lid and surprisingly succeeded in prolonging his life for 15 more seconds after which the box glowed a bright orange after which cameras inside the chamber where shutdown due to radiation in excess of ten times the amount of radiation seen in the first test. Death of the subject has been supposed to be instant vaporization.

Test 931-A4: Research subject remove wooden plating on one side of the box. Subject left test chamber unharmed. Diamond drill was then used to penetrate approximately 10 mm into the metal before extreme heat and pressure caused it to fracture. Shavings of the metal are currently being analysed.

Note 931-A1: Dr.█████ has put forward a theory of an object inside SCP-931 causing the radiation emissions. Due to the high probability of this theory, SCP-931-1 has now been categorised.

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