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Model of SCP-936 at 1/1000 scale, based on seismographic imaging.

Item #: SCP-936

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its size and natural interment, SCP-936 is to be left on site. A small team is to be fielded at all times to monitor for activities that might lead to SCP-936's discovery either by the public or other organisations. No open discouragement from use of the area above SCP-936 is deemed necessary and in fact should be avoided, so as not to arouse curiosity.

Description: SCP-936 as a partially fossilized tooth, with some of the root structure intact. The length/width ratio and pointed end are suggestive of a fang type of utility, and it posses is a barb-like feature near the tip. The only remarkable property yet identified about SCP-936 is its enormous size (approximately 350 meters in length, 65 meters average diameter near the root. ) It has not been positively matched with any known species at any scale. It is beyond question that no terrestrial creature could have wielded a tooth (or teeth) of this size (nor is it clear what type of environment would allow for the existence such a beast). The alternative, that the object obtained its present size through some means apart from the normal growth of a tooth within a larger organism, is also under investigation.

SCP-936 exhibits normal fossilisation to a depth of 0.8m (on average) and appears to be evenly fossilised across its entirety,
which suggests that it was completely buried over a reasonably short period of time. This is difficult to explain given the geological history of the region as it is currently understood. Carbon dating puts the artefacts burial at between 300,000 and 340,000 years old, well before human habitation of North America, though the possibility of it having been encountered by [data expunged] before its burial can not be ruled out.

SCP-936 is buried horizontal to the surface at a depth of 12 to 31m. It is located underneath the Great Salt Lake Desert in Utah at ██°██'██" N ██°██'██" W


Object came to the attention of the Foundation through a civilian friend (Dr.Virgule) of Agent ██████, who mentioned to the later in
conversation that he was involved in an archaeological discovery that will "change everything". Upon investigation, SCP-936 was located and two subjects taken into custody, Dr.Virgule, and the researcher he was working under, Dr.██████████, who had made the original discovery.

Because Dr.██████████ had insisted on working under the utmost secrecy, no "tidying up" was necessary with regards to SCP-936's

Addendum 1

Subjects in custody Dr.Virgule and Dr.██████████ sent to resources dept after debriefing re. SCP-936 to undergo testing
re. suitability as Foundation researchers.

Interestingly, while neither knew any details about the Foundation (or even its name), both had independently deduced (loosely) its existence. Dr.██████████ had some superficial knowledge of the incident at [DATA EXPUNGED], and from this had, in his own words "long known there was something like you guys out there" and that "it was only a matter of time" before he would be contacted. However, he also insists that "we" have had him under surveillance for a long time (There is no record of Dr.██████████ as being a subject of interest prior to now). Subject Virgule expressed that he was "not surprised" at his capture and debriefing. While hesitant to elaborate, under threat of harsher interrogation methods, he conceded to having concluded that Agent ██████, who he had known before the Agents recruitment, was in some way involved in a "large, secretive organisation". He further admits that the comment about his research to the Agent was a deliberate "shot in the dark" to "see what would happen." Complete interview has been filed for evaluation with regards to Foundation surreptitiousness, see Doc-936-1.

Addendum 2

Dr.Virgule passes all personality and psychological criteria as well as displaying promise as a talented researcher. Granted probationary level 2 clearance.

Dr.██████████, despite being possesing an ample intellect and an impressive amount of knowledge, was found unsuitable for foundation work due to personality limitations, and the normal exit procedures carried out.

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