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SCP-942 when crops are not present.

Item #: SCP-942

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-942 is to be monitored via a camouflaged outpost located no less than 100 yards beyond the edge of the plowed fields. Monitoring is to be maintained 24/7 and motion sensor arrays deployed around the entire perimeter of the field to alert the outpost to unauthorized entries to the field by human or animal. Under no circumstances should any agent enter SCP-942 for longer than 30 minutes. Should any intrusion into SCP-942 occur that can not be resolved within this 30 minute time frame the intruder is to be left within the area and observation equipment positioned to monitor it for the remainder of its presence within the area.

Description: SCP-942 is a now abandoned farm-field located several miles off main highways in the state of and █████████ accessible via back roads. As of present time it is unknown as to the exact range SCP-942 encompasses however it is known to affect the abandoned field as well as the farmhouse of the neighboring land.

Living organisms that wander into the SCP-942 field for longer than a 30 minute duration will begin to settle themselves within the area and finally lose consciousness. During this time the surface of the crop field within SCP-942 will begin to act as a quicksand trap, slowly drawing the unconscious organism into the ground. Tests with soil from SCP-942 indicate that it will actively seek out, sedate, and absorb any life within the vicinity of it with full absorption varying based on the amount of soil present and the size of the target.

Within 24 hours after absorption of a life form the field within SCP-942 will start to produce crops ranging from pumpkins to corn to squash with other random vegetables having been noticed from time to time. In-house testing of SCP-942 soil produced tomato plants. An additional 24 hours after this crop is grown it will decompose and be reabsorbed into the soil with the exception of random crops that will detach from the main plant and be absorbed into the soil separately. These plants seem to later reappear as 'mimics' of the original absorbed organism. The life span of these mimics is currently unknown and they have not be witnessed venturing beyond the SCP-942 area.

The neighboring farmhouse displays the same properties of the field within the cellar region while the upper floors of the home are fully habitable. Plants 'grown' from the nearby field will make their way back to this farmhouse and interact with any living organisms within the house or field until nightfall where the 'plants' will become aggressive and attempt to assault any and all living organisms within range.

Addendum: See file SCP-942-1 for information on original discovery.

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