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SCP-942 fruit that did not ripen into a mimic.

First Incident Report for SCP-942

SCP-942 came to Foundation attention entirely by accident after contact was lost with agents who were en route to other locations and forced to take refuge on the farmland due to mudslides on the main road. When SCP-942 was reached by investigating staff after missing agents failed to meet the check-in deadlines all that was found was a vast field with corn and pumpkin crops growing within a small area of the field. Further investigation of the area found the personal effects of the agents on the other side of the field including a tent and evidence a fire had been made the night before. The agents were never located.

Investigating agents remained on site for several hours traversing on and off of SCP-942 before declaring the agents MIA and leaving behind a pairing of agents at the tent overnight in the event the first set of missing agents were to return from the neighboring woodlands on the belief they may just be lost nearby. Upon returning the next day these agents were also found to be missing with all personal effects remaining.

The missing of two sets of agents from the same area resulted in this case being escalated to Potential SCP Activity as well as escalation as a possible security risk. While better equipped teams were en route to the area the remaining agents on site came into contact with locals inhabiting a neighboring land parcel. During debriefing of the agents they state that the locals invited them back to use their facilities to rest and co-ordinate search and rescue efforts, having a farmhouse in better repair than the one on SCP-942 property.

According to those agents who were recovered from this farmhouse, the inhabitants consisted of a family of approximately ten individuals from three, possibly four generations. The agents were treated well and given warm meals while coordinating the arrival of the armed investigation teams. After eating the agents were separated amongst communications and being given room for the night. Of note during this time is that agents were often asked what they thought of the children by the older inhabitants of the house. There were children present in the home so these questions did not seem unusual at the time.

During the night Agent was awoken from his █████████ slumber by sounds in the hallway and acted to connect with his counterpart in the event of an intrusion into the home. The other agent present was not found within his room and there were signs that a struggle had occurred during the night. No other members of the household could be located at this time, leading the Agent to begin a full search of the house and surrounding area.

During this investigation neither the missing agent nor the inhabitants of the house were found. While returning to the original field the agent was able to connect with armed investigation teams, just arriving on the scene. The full squad of agents proceeded to return to the second farmhouse while two remained behind with transport and equipment.

Upon return to the farmhouse agents report that the house itself appeared dark and devoid of life however noises were detected from the vicinity of the cellar. Upon approach the team was attacked by a creature of unknown origin which assailed and decapitated the nearest member to it by 'expanding its head into one giant mouth' and biting the head from the body of the agent. Standard bullets were reported to do no damage to the assaulting creature however incendiary weapons worked to repel and neutralize the creature.

Investigation of the remains found it to be human in all regards save for the head which could not be located at the time.

Proceeding to investigate the remainder of the residence and the cellar led to the discovery of the missing agent's heavily decomposed body suspended in a web-work of ivy and vines. At this time the team reports they came under attack from the remainder of the house inhabitants. As with the first attacker, standard bullets were reported to have no effect so a switch to incendiary weapons was quickly made. Those locals who closed the distance to the team were reported to have their heads open along vertical lines, spreading like a flower with pink flesh and teeth within, attempting to bite the nearest agents. One agent was decapitated by this form of assault while another was ensnared at the shoulder but freed when the attacker was set aflame. No other casualties or injuries were sustained during the neutralization of the attackers.

The remaining agents reported returning quickly to the original field to connect with the two agents left there as per protocol. Upon return one agent was found missing and the other was found laying unconscious on the ground sideways with his left arm embedded in the dirt. According to the agents it appeared as if the ground was slowly pulling the unconscious agent into the ground, centimeter by centimeter. When the agent was recovered from the ground the portion of his arm that was within the dirt was missing from his body and appeared to have been dissolved and medical attention was applied to the wounds. The agent did not awaken until approximately two hours after his removal from SCP-942's field. Blood samples were taken for later examination under controlled conditions as standard procedure.

All staff within the SCP-942 area returned without further incident to the nearest branch office for medical attention and debriefing. Blood tests of the agent recovered from the field soil found extremely high levels of both hallucinogenic and powerful sedative compounds.

The next day a small team of fresh agents were dispatched to SCP-942's field and reported an abundance of corn, pumpkin, and squash growing within the region. The neighboring farmhouse was found to be abandoned and the remains of the attackers from the night before were still present but in a state of severe decomposition with a smell described as being of steamed cabbage. None of the remains possessed a head.

Agents left on the perimeter of SCP-942 while investigation of the neighboring farmhouse reported a deer wandering in from the adjacent woodlands and moving through the crops, nibbling and feeding on them at random. During observation of the deer it was witnessed to sit down amongst the plants and fall asleep. While unusual this was not noted as significant until the deer was noticed to be slowly descending into the crops. Agents moved in to investigate and found the legs of the deer now beneath the soil. Within 15 minutes a full half of the deer had sunken beneath the dirt and agents moved off SCP-942 to contact HQ. The act of the deer sinking was described as being similar to quick sand with only barely noticeable shifts in the soil signaling its absorption further into the ground. Within 25 minutes the entire deer had vanished beneath the ground. Samples of the soil and of the crops eaten by the deer were collected for study.

The crop samples collected from SCP-942 displayed unusual traces of animal DNA in high quantities as well as the same mixture of hallucinogenics and sedatives found in the wounds of the agent recovered from the field. The human DNA was not present in the soil samples however the hallucinogenic and sedative compounds were in even higher quantities. Testing of the soil on mice found that simply walking on the dirt samples resulted in euphoric and increasingly sluggish behavior until the mice went unconscious. At this time the dirt samples 'moved' toward the mice and over the span of two hours the mice underwent a decomposition process leaving no trace they ever existed within the habitat. One hour later the soil began to sprout vines matching those of a tomato plant which in turn bore fruit three hours later. This fruit contained both hallucinogenic and sedative compounds as well as substantial quantities of mouse DNA.

Returning to the SCP-942 site all crops recorded during previous investigations were found to have died and be in a state of decomposition. Some of these crops looked to have been harvested or picked. While investigating the perimeter and establishing motion tracking arrays the agents on site were visited by a man in attire matching a farmer who asked if they required any assistance. The man was asked if he had any knowledge of this particular area of land and admitted he did, requesting the agents accompany him back to his home where he was keeping some information they may find interesting. Two agents went with the man while two remained behind.

While within the unknown man's home a photograph was taken via PDA and uploaded to the branch office for identification verification. This photo was found to be an exact match for one of the first agents who had gone missing in the SCP-942 area. When confronted with this information it was realized the agents were being directed to the same direction as the farmhouse where all previous attacks had occurred. According to those agents the man's head then split open into five segments in a star shape and he attempted to 'bite' the nearest agent through this appendage. Concentrated fire on the split head forced the former agent back and continued fire on this spot was successful in felling him. Once down the former agent underwent rapid decomposition of the head leaving behind a human body that decomposed at a rapid but slower rate.

Staff who were in charge of sample testing from SCP-942 reported later the need to dispose of two mice-like organisms believed to be mimics of the original two test mice. These mimic mice also displayed the bodily feature of having a head capable of opening into a symmetrical star shape and attempting to bite the staff with this appendage. The bites were able to puncture the hazard suits worn by disposing staff however no injuries were incurred.

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