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Item #: SCP-947

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The zone labeled as SCP-947 has been evacuated under pretense of radioactive contamination. Five charges of 10 kilograms of plutonium were buried within a 5-km radius of ground zero to create said activity should there be investigation by a civilian science team. Because of this, maintenance personnel must always wear radiological protection when entering zone SCP-947. Any unauthorized person(s) entering a 2-km radius of ground zero are to be terminated and their remains incinerated. The door below the basement stairs at SCP-947 is to remain closed at all time. Should maintenance personnel find it unlocked upon arrival, they are to vacate the premises and report the incident to a commanding officer. Maintenance personnel are not allowed to remain at ground zero at night; failure to abide by this command will be its own punishment.

Description: SCP-947 is an unknown spectral entity which resides in the basement of a house (herein referred to as 'ground zero') in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The entity's activity predominantly consists of opening and widening a fault in the foundation of the house, using this fault to extend its reach.

The fault appeared in house in the late 1980s. Nearby residents had been experiencing various malign symptoms, including abnormal illness, cancer, mental degradation, and death. The entity was identified on June 5th, 19██, after the residents of ground zero were found dead. Remaining unprotected within the quarantine zone for prolonged periods will produce similar effects.

The nature and motives of the entity are unknown. There have been no indications of intelligence, although a vague impression of personal malice has been reported by several personnel. However, this may be attributable to the onset of certain mental disorders in response to the presence of SCP-947. Though its activity level is erratic and unpredictable, it seems to be most consistently active at around 3:00 AM. Electronic surveillance shows severe spatial anomalies appearing within the house between 3:00 AM and 3:30 AM, consisting of [DATA EXPUNGED]

Past observations indicate that the entity could extend its reach beyond the quarantine zone if the fault is expanded further. The fault is to be sealed daily to prevent this. The fault will reappear within 12 hours of being sealed.

Maintenance personnel are to go to the house at 12:00 PM every day to seal the fault with concrete. No fewer than 3 at a time must be together in the house. Remaining after nightfall is strongly discouraged.

There is no known way of repelling the entity. Should any personnel be attacked by the entity, they are to be terminated immediately and the body destroyed. It is believed the entity is seeking a host, though it has yet to manifest in any personnel.

Addendum: Activity increasing, the fault is expanding faster. Recommend shifting to a bi-daily sealing at 6 AM and 6 PM. Science wants cameras placed in the house to observe spatial anomalies. Recommend getting new eggheads, those ones seem to keep forgetting that all equipment placed in the house is irrecoverable in the morning. Command wants to know why we are keeping that thing and not just trying to find a way to get rid of it.

Incident report: The door below the basement stairs has been found open every morning for the last 5 days. This is hindering containment procedures, requesting a stronger lock.

Incident report: Door below basement stairs was found open again. Severe spatial anomaly revealed, previous contents of the cellar are now gone. Door now leads to a long hall with several more doors in it. Attempts to break into the tunnel by digging outside the house have been fruitless as the hall apparently does not exist unless you enter it through this specific door. Science has sent a robotic unit inside to explore, details listed in report #3220 copied below. The cellar has since restabilized and its previous contents have returned.

Addendum: One of the cameras that had been placed in the house in 19██ in an attempt to understand the phenomenon has been recovered today. Footage found intact, lasts 87 minutes, contents [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum: Direct order from O5-11 to either find a use for SCP-947 or to find a way to permanently neutralize it in an acceptable manner within the next 168 hours.

Report #3220: Unit was first sent down the hall in an attempt to reach the end and learn its full length. Unit was stopped after 25 miles with no end in sight as signal was getting too weak. Sent back 15 miles to offer a proper signal. Opening one of the doors reveals [DATA EXPUNGED]. Extra-dimensional entity then attacked the unit and then either damaged its transmitter or its operating computer.

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