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Item #: SCP-948

Object Class: Euclid

Containment: SCP-948 is located within an abandoned hospital which Site-05 is built around, located on an island off the southeastern coast of Greece. There is currently no means of moving SCP-948. The hospital is constantly illuminated by unknown means (refer to Note #1 for more information). At least one personnel must remain inside the hospital at all times. Two level 2 personnel must remotely observe SCP-948 by means of surveillance cameras. All personnel observing SCP-948 must be rotated on shifts of not more than two hours (refer to Additional Note #2 for further explanation). At this time the containment protocol does not allow for any interaction with SCP-948 except observation.

Description: SCP-948 is currently not classified as a being, but as an experience. Every staff member that has stepped within the hospital has experienced a different encounter, but curiously all have reported the same emotions of "happiness", "understanding", and "pure bliss". Some have speculated SCP-948 itself is the hospital, but because of multiple descriptions of SCP-948, it is currently classified as "UNKNOWN/DEBATED". Refer to [Document 7A-948] for more information.

Additional Note #1: Most suspect SCP-948 is responsible for the illumination of the hospital. Tests have been performed to determine if SCP-948 is in fact the source of this lighting, but have been inconclusive, due to its ability to change how persons observe it.

Additional Note #2: It is most imperative personnel not observe SCP-948 for more of 2 hours. Any personnel exceeding this is of most risk to SCP-948 and all other personnel stationed at Site-05, as well as Site-05 itself. If protocol is jeopardized, the personnel responsible must be detained and terminated immediately (see [Document 8C-948] for further explanation).

[Document #7A-948]: "TESTIMONIALS" Multiple documented experiences of personnel entering/viewing interior of housing (hospital) of SCP-948.

[Document #8C-948]: "INCIDENT" 01 (05/27/2008), 3:37am-5:24am. Class C personnel, ██████ ███████, successfully severed Site-05's main power line, and was finally detained attempting to overload Site-05's main generator. Failure to prevent this would have caused massive damage to Site-05, its personnel, and possibly SCP-948. Upon questioning of the subject, it was revealed he was attempting to "destroy the source of negative energy Site-05 was producing around Ελπίδα's home" (hospital). Stating "I must free Ελπίδα, for only it can stop a great evil and fear that is soon to plague our world". Clearly the subject was suffering from paranoid delusions. To prevent greater alarm within the facility, ██████ ███████ was immediately terminated.

[Document #2V-948]: "VICTIM TESTING": Many victims suffering from severe depression, psychosis, severe migraines, and other syndromes/mental disorders caused by encounters with other SCP objects/specimens have purposely been brought into the housing of SCP-948. Not only have the victims been restored to normal mental status, but have also achieved greater peace of mind and understanding. Further testing has been authorized and will continue promptly.

Addendum #1: It should be noted that ██████ ███████ (mentioned in "INCIDENT 01") is the first and only personnel up to date (6/1/2008) to mention a name for SCP-948.

Addendum #2: After reviewing ██████ ███████'s confession in "INCIDENT 01", it is still unknown exactly what "negative energy" subject was trying to purge.

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