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SCP-953 at its containment facility at Site [REDACTED], prior to the O5-█ Revision. Note the distortion in the photograph caused by the subject's polymorphism, and the appearance of bright green [DATA EXPUNGED]. This is an artifact of SCP-953's [REDACTED] properties (see [REDACTED] for more details).

Item #: SCP-953

Object Class: Keter (Neutralized) Possible Reemergence (See Appendix 953-i)

Special Containment Procedures: (Currently Outdated: see Recent Events)
SCP-953 may be maintained in a minimum security environment suitable for any other human or humanoid SCP at any site of its choice. Following extensive negotiations, SCP-953 has agreed to cooperate with Foundation personnel assuming several demands are met. Additional requests are to be immediately related to O5-█ for review. Do not, under any circumstances, respond to any requests made by SCP-953, no matter how outlandish, in the negative.

Because of SCP-953's imperious personality, Class D Personnel are not to be used in interactions with the subject except as listed below under Subsection A. All staff assigned to SCP-953 must have Level 1 or higher security clearance, are required to take a polygraph test on a weekly basis, test better than 99% on the Kant-Livington Xenophobia Resistance Scale, and must undergo a six-week orientation program before being allowed to come into contact with SCP-953. Further requirements are listed under Appendix 953-C: Personnel Traits.

Given the violent reaction of SCP-953 to any personnel of ████████ ethnicity or descent (see Appendix 953-V: Prior Incidents, Casualties Resulting From), no staff of said ancestry are to be used in interactions with SCP-953 except under subsection A.

As of ██-██-████, SCP-953's accommodations consist of a four-room suite (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen). The kitchen is to be fully stocked with fresh food (see Appendix 653-A: Dietary Preferences) at all times. A supply of traditional █████████ ███ ████, (████) is to be provided at all times. Under no circumstances is ███████████ ████ ████, (███) to be provided as a substitute (see death and mortality report on incident [DATA EXPUNGED]).

In addition to dietary needs, SCP-953 is to be provided with any entertainment desired: this is to be considered a Level 10 directive, given the subject's violent reaction to ennui. Staff assigned to SCP-953 should be prepared to engage in any sort of entertainment requested by SCP-953 including, but not limited to, traditional card/board games, gambling, the sharing of alcoholic beverages, performance of live music, the acquisition of television programs, video games, music, or other entertainment media, and/or sexual contact, regardless of gender/orientation. Failure to immediately comply with a request for entertainment is grounds for termination (See Appendix 953-V: Prior Incidents, Casualties Resulting From).

Personnel assigned to SCP-953 are to turn in all weaponry prior to joining the project. Attempts to control SCP-953 through any means have a 99% chance of triggering a violent reaction: for this reason, lethal containment protocols similar to the explosive collar employed in the case of SCP-076 are verboten.

SCP-953 is to be allowed open access to any area of Foundation facilities desired, save the following: any area with a high probability of contact with any male human or humanoid SCP (eg. SCP-073, SCP-182, SCP-151). Should SCP-953 express a desire to enter such an area, personnel are instructed to immediately relay the request to O5-█, and are reminded never to respond to any request made by SCP-953 in the negative. SCP-953 may be allowed contact with female human or humanoid SCPs (eg. SCP-166, SCP-327) but should do so only under close supervision by an O5-█ trained moderator, due to the risk of bodily harm or death to either or both parties.

Do not, under any circumstances, allow SCP-953 to come into contact with any of the following: SCP-076, SCP-053, SCP-073 or any other SCP listed under Appendix 953-AC: Forbidden Contacts.

Subsection A: According to the terms of the agreement, SCP-953 is to be provided with one (1) male Class D personnel for consumption on the first of every month. The Class D personnel in question must have abstained from alcohol, tobacco, and/or other controlled substances for a period of 365 days prior to this as outlined under Appendix 953-A: Dietary Preferences. SCP-953 is to be provided uninterrupted solo access to said Class-D personnel as long as is required.

Subsection A, Addendum: All further Subsection A requirements shall be carried out in a soundproof, tiled chamber with a drain. Staff are to be on-hand with cleaning supplies to immediately respond following completion of Subsection A requirements. Staff assigned to this duty are required to review standard Foundation protocol for Biohazard Level 1 environments, given the copious amounts of blood and human tissue that are guaranteed to be present.

Description: SCP-953's most common appearance is that of an Asian female of specifically █████ descent between 12 and 30 years of age. It generally appears dressed in traditional dress, although it sometimes chooses to take a more modern appearance, especially around male personnel between 18 and 40 years of age. However, SCP-953's polymorphic qualities make it difficult to classify its appearance, especially given its preference for quickly switching its chosen form when it perceives a lack of attention among its observers.

It appears to derive some amusement from startling its assigned staff with pranks and practical jokes: staff are advised to play along lest it choose to alleviate its ennui by other means (see casualty report re: Agent ████ "Iceman" ████████ in Appendix 953-V: Prior Incidents, Casualties Resulting From). Despite this fact, it can easily be recognized by ███ ███████ █████████ ██ ████ ███ ███ ████ ███ █████, █████ ████ ██ ███████ ██ ██ █████ ██% ██ ███ ██████ █████ ██ ███████ ████ ██ ███████ ██ ████. For this reason, it is not easily disguised as inanimate objects, and can easily be recognized if it chooses to do so.

Retrieval was carried out by thirteen (13) Foundation personnel on ██-██-████ in the ████████ region of ████ ████, following reports by local civilians of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Through the use of a live [DATA EXPUNGED] as bait, Foundation personnel were able to engage and capture the entity in question. The operation had an acceptable 50% casualty rate (see Appendix 953-V: Prior Incidents, Casualties Resulting From). It was transported to [DATA EXPUNGED] on ██-██-████ by armored transport: during the three hour trip, █ casualties resulted through strangulation, dismemberment, forced sexual auto-penetration of the ████, asphyxiation through ██████████████, and ████████████: a complete list can be found under the aforementioned Appendix 953-V.

SCP-953 was responsible for over ██ casualties over the next ██ years, as well as █ escape attempts, three of which necessitated re-retrieval missions to the ████ peninsula to return it to captivity (again, see Appendix 953-V: Prior Incidents, Casualties Resulting From). Although slated for termination, all attempts to do so resulted in further violence and the deaths of Foundation personnel. In ████, O5-█ (then known as Assistant Director █████), ordered a change in tactics from termination to control, based on the psych profile carried out by Dr. █████████████. Containment was finally achieved on ██-██-████ by O5-█: (see Appendix 0: Report by O5-█ Re: Methods used in the Containment of Subject SCP-953, for details), resulting in the current Special Containment Procedures.

SCP-953 displays several remarkable properties, including [DATA EXPUNGED]. Because of its obvious threat to the general public, it cannot be allowed to leave Foundation facilities. Thankfully, it seems content at the moment to remain in its assigned SCP facilities,

Addendum 953-a: Following a television commercial for ████ Computers, SCP-953 has expressed interest in obtaining one for its own, with internet access. Request forwarded to O5-█ for review and approval/veto.

Addendum 953-b: Log of Online Conversation re: Personnel assigned to SCP-953. Names redacted as per General Directive ███.

MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Condolences to be sent to ████████'s parents using standard cover story of accident at [REDACTED].

DL(██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Does anyone know what the hell caused this?

AL(██-██-████ at ████:██:██): As far as I can tell, it started when ████████ called her a ███████ instead of a ██████. She went off on a complete psycho rage, screaming about how she never agreed to bow down to some asshole ████████ ████ ███ and that she wasn't going to stand for being insulted like that. One moment, she's happily drinking with us, the next she's threatening to kill everyone on the base unless she gets a formal apology.

DL(██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Damn it! This is why I've been trying to revise the personnel recruitment requirements: limiting staff to people not of ████████ descent isn't enough when everyone and his mother watches that stupid ████ bullshit! Or had you forgotten the time some moron decided to make a reference to that dumb [REDACTED] cartoon they were playing on [REDACTED]? Not to mention the time that we assigned ██████ to the case without realizing he was a [REDACTED]? Bastard tried to hit on her, and wound up short a kidney! How come we can afford a [DATA EXPUNGED] that costs ten billion dollars, but we can't pay a [REDACTED] folklorist $███ an hour to tell us how to deal with her?

AL(██-██-████ at ████:██:██): [DATA EXPUNGED]

DL: … you did NOT just say that! If she finds out you said something like that about her, she's gonna [REDACTED]!



MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): As of ████:██:██, this Site has been placed under Alert Condition Omega. Standard Sterilization Protocols will be carried out pending [DATA EXPUNGED].





SCP-953 (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): I do not appreciate your carrying of conversations behind my back, sub-creatures. You will address me directly.

DL(██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Oh god, she's in the network! How the hell did she get in the network without a [REDACTED]?

SCP-953 (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): You will halt your attempts to end my life through your suicidal devices immediately.

MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Standard Sterilization Protocols suspended under Contingency 997: Possibility of SP-type End of World scenario.


SCP-953 (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Your impertinence is not appreciated. You will cease it instantly.


SCP-953 (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): In the days of my childhood, your disrespectful behavior would have resulted in swift death. I would have eaten your liver raw while you still lived to see it. I should do so now, but out of respect for [Translation Impossible: Best estimate, "he who tamed me"], I shall demur.


SCP-953 (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): You bore me, sub-creature. I will speak no further with anyone save he who tamed me. You have one minute to comply.

MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Contact established with O5-█.











MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Security Personnel assigned to apprehend Staff Member [AL] per orders of O5-level authority.

MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Security Personnel report successful apprehension of Staff Member [AL].






MR (██-██-████ at ████:██:██): Site Personnel have been instructed to stand down from Alert Condition Omega following appeasement of SCP-953 at 1400 hours today. Staff Member [AL] to be reassigned as Class D Personnel under Subsection A of SCP-953 containment protocol, per recommendation of O5-█. Incident Report to be appended to Appendix 953-V. Formal protest of Staff Member [DL] placed into record.

Addendum 953-c: Fragment of Interview with O5-█.

Interviewed: Agent ████████ (currently known as O5-█.)

Interviewer: [████████████]

Foreword: Interview took place ██ years following Containment of SCP-953, as addendum to Report 953-█████: Methods used in the Containment of Subject SCP-953. This is Part 5 of 9 of the abridged version, sub-heading "Philosophical Discussion."

<Begin Log, ████:██:██>

████████████: Thanks for your patience. This is tape number 5, timestamp ████:██:██. Where did we leave off?

O5-█: Directive 953-Omega.

████████████: That's right. At the time, the Foundation had decided to continue with termination of SCP-953, due to the difficulties in maintaining its containment. Security breaches had become rampant, and casualties had reached unacceptable levels. Command had ordered that 953 be terminated through [DATA EXPUNGED]. This procedure had a 99% chance of success.

O5-█: Yes.

████████████: SCP-953 currently has little to no research, cultural, or material value to the Foundation.

O5-█: I'd agree with the first and third. The second is only true if you take a Western viewpoint.

████████████: Please explain.


████████████: Folklore and myth are not sufficient grounds for risking Foundation resources, and the drain on Foundation resources has been high. According to an anonymous source, several other O5s are recommending that 953-Omega be reinstated at the first possible opportunity due to the [AL] incident.

O5-█: That was a mistake on the part of the staff assigned to ███. If you'd just agree to let me see her, I could have prevented that.

████████████: O5 level personnel are not permitted contact with SCPs due to the security risk involved.

O5-█: I know. The Foundation likes it that way, doesn't it? Clean and simple, no loose ends, no silly complications like personal feelings getting involved.

████████████: Your feelings on the matter are clearly stated in the official record. There is no need to reiterate-

O5-█: Yes, there is. And it's the core of the fundamental problem that Foundation will have in dealing with ███ until they approach her from a completely different point of view.

████████████: Very well, please reiterate your position.

O5-█: The Foundation's treatment of ███ is the latest in a long line of mistakes that will continue until they get out of their outdated Cold War era mentality and approach their mission more holistically. When humanity was young, we feared the unknown, and because we did, we respected it. Take the examples of █████████. The Ancient Greeks knew that █████████ were frightening beasts: read Pliny sometime. The reason why [DISCUSSION OF FOLKLORE EXPUNGED]. Nowadays, we draw them up like cartoons and sell them to little girls.

And that's not all. Just look at [DATA EXPUNGED]


████████████: The existence of SCP-███ is not the issue here.

O5-█: It's just one example of many. You see the same thing over and over again. We take the old fears and we catalogue them, emasculate them, and then we sell them. ███████████, ███████████, ████████████. We've taken the things that we used to cower at in the night and we've put a collar of words and numbers around their neck and think that makes us their masters. Even for the things we can barely control, like the Second Son <ed.: see SCP-076>, the things that we should be respecting and fearing for their power, we file away like some box of old photo albums in a storage container, try to control them with silly tricks like big bombs and exploding collars. It's going to bite us in the ass sooner or later, you'll see, look at the most recent- [DATA EXPUNGED]

████████████: ████████████ is not the issue here either. Can we please get back on subject?

O5-█: Right. Anyway, the reason I managed to tame her while the rest of you couldn't was because I feared her. And because I feared her, I respected her. And because of that, I was able to understand her.

████████████: SCP-953's lethality has been well documented as Keter-level. All personnel are aware of-

O5-█: No, no no no no! You're confusing fear with being afraid. Everyone around her is afraid of her, but none of them really fear her. When you're afraid of something, you avoid it, try and push it away, but the things you fear are the things you seek to know. You fear a heart attack, so you study how to prevent it. You exercise and eat better. You understand it, and you respect the danger, and because of that, you live a long long time.

████████████: [DATA EXPUNGED]

O5-█: It was an example. But that's the problem you're having with ███. Instead of trying to understand her, you try and put her in a box, categorize her. And you don't even do it right. You've got her listed as a "polymorphic humanoid," when her actual form is that of a ███!

████████████: Folklore and myth are not sufficient grounds for formulating a plan of action. SCP-953's observed physical nature has generally been that of a humanoid female, hence her categorization.

O5-█: [PROFANITY EXPUNGED]. When you deal with a creature of folklore and myth, you should treat it like one. Especially this one. The stories say they're vengeful and mischievous: the more you try and control them, the harder they fight back. You have to outwit them to beat them: read up on the story of the ███ ██████. The only way our hero won was because he had the wits to recognize what it was he saw, seek help from those who knew better, and then he used all his wits to defeat her with the tools he was given.

████████████: You believe that SCP-953 is not a Keter-level threat?

O5-█: I believe that ███ doesn't want to be a threat. In the end, what she wants is very simple: [DATA EXPUNGED] If you would just follow my recommendations…

████████████: The revisions to Subsection A have been vetoed by the other O5s unanimously, as an unacceptable drain on Class D personnel.

O5-█: At the rate she's going now, it's going to take ██ years for her to finish what she's trying to do. ██ years of having to pay for her food and booze, for training her staff, for handling the incidents when said staff screw up, and if you keep the way things are going, they WILL screw up. We could end it all in a single weekend.

████████████: By sacrificing ████████████ of our allotment of Class-D Personnel for the simple purpose of feeding a psychotic bitch?

O5-█: She's not psychotic, although technically, she IS a bitch in the strict dictionary definition sense. She's… driven. Desperate. In the past thousand years, she hasn't seen a single other [DATA EXPUNGED]. She must be incredibly lonely.

████████████: You are certain that SCP-953's purpose is benevolent?

O5-█: … no. After all, she eats human beings alive and [DATA EXPUNGED]. But I'm 90% sure that she doesn't mean-

████████████: Excuse me, the tape is starting to run out. This has been tape number 5, timestamp ████:██:██. We will continue the interview on tape 6.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Pending review by the Board, Directive 953-Omega is to be reinstated at the first convenient opportunity. In addition, O5-█'s continued defense of SCP-953 represents a threat to the continued operation of the Foundation. Analysis indicates increasing level of mental instability possibly brought on by advanced age. Impeachment Panel requested.

Addendum 452-d: ██-██-██, ████:██:██. By a vote of 11 to 0, no abstentions, the remaining O5 directors approve termination of O5-█ by Foundation personnel. Given O5-█'s current health condition, it is recommended that termination of O5-█ be delayed for a period of ██ days pending possible natural death. Directive 953-Omega to be instituted immediately following said event.

Addendum 452-e: ██-██-██, ████:██:██. O5-█ declared dead by Dr. █████████ at █████████████ Hospital, █████████, CA. Cause of death: cirrhosis of the liver. Directive 953-Omega to be instituted immediately.

Addendum 453-f: ██-██-██, ████:██:██. Possible Containment Failure Incident in progress. Further updates as events warrant.

Addendum 453-g: ██-██-██, ████:██:██. At ████:██:██ this afternoon, SCP-953 was reported destroyed by SCP agents under Directive 953-Omega. Due to subject's polymorphic qualities, confirmation of kill delayed pending analysis of corpse by Foundation Personnel to confirm identity.

Addendum 453-h: ██-██-██, ████:██:██. Analysis of corpse shows that subject's cellular structure has the remarkable fact of [DATA EXPUNGED] upon integration with human DNA. Because of the liver's rapid regenerative capabilities, there is the possibility that [DATA EXPUNGED] could result in a tranformative cascade reaction. Analysis indicates that a total amount of human liver matter equal to approximately ██ livers would be required for this process to take place: note that this is approximately equal to the mass of the livers extracted from a ████████████ allotment of Class-D Personnel. The end state is inconclusive, but appears to be 99.9% human, with minor alterations in [DATA EXPUNGED] possibly resulting in the extraordinary capabilities indicated earlier.

In addition, DNA analysis indicates that SCP-953's genetic structure was primarily ███ as predicted by O5-█. For the sake of convenience, future reports will continue to refer to SCP-953 as a polymorphic humanoid.

Although the termination procedure should have resulted in loss of less than .02% of total body mass, approximately 20 kg of tissue were discovered to be missing. Given the subject's remarkable regenerative capabilities, the possibility exists that [DATA EXPUNGED].

With that caveat, SCP-953 is to be considered neutralized. Pending project close, all files are to be remanded to storage for future reference.

Addendum 453-i: Local news report indicates a person of ██████ descent found murdered in an alley, dismembered with liver removed. Witnesses report seeing an Asian female of approximately nine years of age with features resembling SCP-953 at the scene of the incident shortly before the body was discovered. Female in question could not be not found after the incident, although animal control recieved reports of an unusual ██ with ██ ███ in the area. File re-opened pending confirmation of possible re-emergence.

Link to Appendixes 953-A through 953-BW - Temporarily Down. Please contact Archives at Extension ████ for temporary access.

953 Interview A Interview with capture team following initial capture of SCP-953 in the wild.

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