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Item #: SCP-966

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-966 must be contained in a vacuum. Personnel handling SCP-966 must be in a full body HAZMAT suit with its own oxygen supply. Overseers must do a thorough check of personnel's suits to locate any leaks in the suit. The container in which SCP-966 and its vacuum are contained in must have a double-air lock and SCP-966's cell must be guarded by two armed guards to prevent SCP-966 from being stolen. Any personnel removing SCP-966 from its containment cell must be terminated on sight without any questions.

Description: SCP-966 was delivered to SCP Site 19 in an unmarked wooden crate as a terrorist attack on the site. The sender was never discovered. Three processing teams were killed by SCP-966 before a Level 5 lockdown was initiated before any of the items there could escape.

SCP-966 appears to be a black air purifying unit developed by "Bionic Breeze," approximately 4"9' tall. SCP-966 requires no outside power source to operate, has no power cord, and cannot be turned off.

When exposed to normal air, SCP-966 will turn all air passing through it into a dense black gas. This gas will kill anyone who breathes it within 8 minutes: minimum fatal exposure time has been recorded at 8 seconds. The composition of the gas seems to be a mixture of nitrogen, sulfur, car exhaust, ████████, and several unknown gases.

Attempts to study the inside components of SCP-966 have failed, since SCP-966 is impossible to pry open, is impervious to all forms of electromagnetic radiation, and can withstand pressures of 9,000+ psi and temperatures of at least 10,000 K.

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