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Item #: SCP-970

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As the object is completely inert and has no properties unless the liquids are mixed, this SCP is classified as safe. However, abuse of SCP-970 can and has led to injury, death, and most importantly, property damage, and thus remains in a safe locker requiring Level 4 clearance to access.

Description: SCP-970-01 is a simple brass stand, holding five beakers of clear fluid that has the appearance of water. The beakers are identical, besides the (modern) greek letters just under the stopper. Though the brass stand has been dated to be approximately three and a half thousand years old, and does contain some faded Mycanean Greek engravings. The bottles, etched with a much more modern dialect, defy all currently-known dating techniques. Thus far all attempts to retrieve a sample of the glasslike crystal that the beakers are composed of have been met with failure.

The bottles are labelled (translated to the latin alphabet from the greek) as follows: Aeras (SCP-970-2), Fotia (SCP-970-3), Choma (SCP-970-4), Nero (SCP-970-5), and Syndyazo (SCP-970-6). The liquids inside the beakers appear identical - tasteless, colourless, completely chemically inert, howeve, it has a specific density identical to [REDACTED]. Experiments with Class-D personnel and animals have confirmed that though similar to water, the liquids are not absorbed by the body, and will not hydrate subjects.

Inside the central post of the stand, a rolled-up document (SCP-970-7), made of [REDACTED], and preserved with methods unknown, lists nearly [REDACTED] combinations of the liquids, written in various languages. It appears that no matter what ratios and quantities the rest of the formula calls for, every single one requires one drop of SCP-970-6.

The translatable formulae listed produce chemically accurate replicas of the described liquids. Nearly half of these liquids are for subtly different wines or other spirits. See Attached Documents for notable tests against untranslatable formula. Curiously, the liquids never seem to diminish in volume when poured. It is unknown whether this is a property of the beakers or of the liquids themselves.

Document #970-10: Formula 970-10 appears to harden the surface of any solid matter it touches, to a point where it is impervious to all known non-SCP methods of destruction. Pending requests to utilise SCPs are currently under review. It appears that SCP-736-2 through SCP-736-6 may be ordinary glass, coated with Formula 970-10. Etching process still unknown.

Document #970-23: Upon addition of SCP-970-6, liquid "fell" straight towards the ceiling, and pooled above the experimenter. This liquid seems to react to gravity in a manner opposite of normal matter. Formula 970-23 must remain in a closed beaker at all times.

Document #970-24: As Formula 970-23, with the added property that it will confer its notable properties to anything it touches, and furthermore, its "mass" is about four hundred times greater than its volume and density would suggest, allowing it to "lift" things much more massive than expected. Formula 970-24 is not to be created indoors or in quantities greater than 50mL.

Any personnel found breaching this protocol will be "promoted" to Class D. Seriously. Do you know how much a ceiling in Site 19 costs?

Document #970-67: Opaque, Golden liquid with unique chemical properties. When consumed by a Class D test subject, Subject reported to have no appetite for food or drink for the next ██ weeks. Subject immediately became heavily theistic, breaking into song and prayer often enough that sedation was required after lights-out. Despite not consuming any food or water for this period of time, no ill effects were noted. After this period, Subject became violent when another dose of this formula was refused. Subject euthanized. Despite apparent entheogenic properties, formula 970-67 may be a suitable substitute for some of the more esoteric diets for contained SCPs. Further testing is required.

Document #970-98: Class D personnel given Formula 970-98 [DATA EXPUNGED] further tests with this substance require level 5 clearance. Formula 970-98 has been removed from the SCP-970-7 via [REDACTED].

Document #970-100: Formula 970-100 Appears to be ██████ brand root beer. Class-D personnel describe Formula 100 as "delicious"

Document #970-103: Potential cure for [REDACTED], Request for terminal [REDACTED] patients currently under review.

Document #970-214: Upon addition of SCP-970-6, Formula 970-214 rapidly dissolved the container it was mixed in, the desk it was on, the floor below it, and eventually into the ground below the facility. No fumes or any other normal evidence of dissolution were present. At this time it is recommended that remotes are sent into the hole to determine its depth. Unfortunately no samples were collected due to a lack of robust enough tools. Requested experiment with SCP-███ is pending approval.

Document #970-251: So far, the only Formula 970-XXX noted to not produce a liquid. Addition of SCP-970-6 resulted in the apparent creation of a gas, though no change in atmospheric conditions were noted. Dr. █████ ██████ did note that she felt an overwhelming sense of "dread". Dr. █████ ██████ is currently MIA.

Document #970-285: Appears to be similar or identical to SCP-006. Tests are at this time restricted those with Overseer clearance. Formula 970-285 has been removed from SCP-970-7 via [REDACTED].

Document #970-310: Formula 310 is an extremely reactive isotope of [REDACTED]. Do not expose Formula 310 to any alkalids, as this triggers [DATA EXPUNGED]. On █████████ ██, 20██, Dr. █████████ used a vacuum chamber and high voltage line to [DATA EXPUNGED] with casualties numbering in the dozens. SCP-970 was found in the crater, completely unharmed.

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