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Item #: SCP-972

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-972 is to be sealed in its chamber at all times. Any personnel entering the chamber for routine maintenance should do so in groups of no less then three persons, and must be accompanied by a security team to prevent personnel from entering Item SCP-972. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE IS ANYONE ALLOWED TO ENTER SCP-972, SCP-972 is to be strictly monitored at all times via CCTV. Any change in state of SCP-972 (as per Description, below) is to be reported to personnel with Level 4 security clearance IMMEDIATELY. Personnel who monitor SCP-972 are to abstain from any form of electronic communication, especially computers, while on watch.

Description: SCP-972 is a perfect metallic sphere of presumably extraterrestrial origin. It is a polished metal sphere, presumably hollow, with no apparent openings of any kinds. The only known markings are three nondescript grooves of no apparent meaning, which will shift positions periodically.

SCP-972 was discovered (or rather, rediscovered) 21JAN1988 in the South Pacific Ocean, in an aircraft of apparent [CLASSIFIED] origin, built in the year [CLASSIFIED]. The coral covering said aircraft puts its age at over 300 years old. The most plausible theory for this contradiction is that the spacecraft arrived here by means of [CLASSIFIED]. The routine USN investigation into the destruction of Habitat 7 near the discovery site [see report DSDH7-1981.7439F] led to its revealing. Initial reports from the survivors of the Habitat's destruction conflicted with the state of not only the habitat itself, but of SCP-972 and its immediate location as well [see Report DSDH7-1987.7493F-Interviews: Johnson, Adams, and Halpern). According to this fragmented yet reliable testimony, SCP-972 is a hollow object and is accessible. Although none of the three witnesses seems to remember exactly how to access the SCP-972, tests are underway.

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