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Item #: SCP-976

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-976 currently resides at Site 17 where it is allowed to roam the facility freely where it makes a habit of following personnel. Faculty are also advised to be very patient and tolerant of SCP-976, but if SCP-976 attempts to follow personnel out of the facility, she is to be caught and imprisoned in her glass jar for the remainder of the day. The cork lid of the glass jar should be ventilated with air holes, small enough to keep SCP-976 from escaping.

Description: SCP-976 is a small, glowing, insect like, entity many personnel have described as a "faerie," "nymph," or " will-o'-the-wisp." Found wandering a forest, SCP-976 appears as a ball of light with a blue hue, 7.6cm across, with thin, transparent wings that are about 5 cm long. There is no apparent body of SCP-976, only a point of light where the wings converge. SCP-976 speaks English with a childish, female voice. "She" can circle personnel at great speeds, and typically shouts "Hey" or "Listen" to get their attention. Seemingly to be helpful, SCP-976 whispers advice into the ears of personnel, but often does not elaborate anymore than a general description on the object or task a personnel is focused on.

Many personnel find her presence annoying. SCP-976 appears to be drawn to the color green. Faculty are advised to avoid this color and uniforms of Site 17 have been changed accordingly.

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