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The closest image acquired of SCP-981 without bodily harm.

Item #: SCP-981

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-981 is to be contained in a tempered steel- reinforced room of 10 cubic meters. Under no circumstances should more than one personnel be inside the room at any time. Should any two personnel enter the room, they are to be quarantined, studied and allowed self termination (see description).

Description: SCP-981 is a small, one handed sword suspended on a string 4.57m (15ft) above the ground, attached to a metal ring. Any attempts to break the string have resulted in injury to various personnel (Dr. ██████████ was decapitated in an attempt to cut it for study).

The sword itself is a spatha, a type of gladius of the Roman Legion calvary about a meter in length, dated between 2000-2120 years old, with no special markings or defining features. It has exhibited typical dulling of the blade and rusting of the iron hilt for its age. Hempen twine is tied around the grip and braced against the pommel as it hangs from an ornate iron ring about 7 cm in diameter. SCP-981 is transported by using a long pole with a hook at the end to lift the ring off one hook and hang it from another.

Normally, the sword swings slowly on its string like a pendulum. The reason for this is unknown as SCP-981 emits no abnormal amounts of radiation or magnetic field. Overall, it is silent except for the sound of the fibers in the twine acting against the weight of the sword. (see Addendum-01)

Addendum-01: It has been observed the while in the presence of SCP-009, SCP-981 ceases its pendulum motion and remains completely still, acting under the normal force of gravity.

Addendum-02: It has been observed that SCP-981 responds to individuals "responsible for death" by accelerating toward the person with thrusting and swinging motions until it is held fast by the taunt string. It will hover in mid air or make wild swings until the individual leaves its presence. People "responsible for death" include, military generals, infantrymen, some medical doctors and researchers, and various SCP commanders. Military personnel with non-combat roles or who have never "killed" are not reacted to, drawing evidence to an awareness that SCP-981 has surrounding "death."

Addendum-03 Experiment 981-7-A involved allowing two people into the room, letting the switch occur, then 22 hours later introducing the same two subjects again. Experiment resulted in subjects switching back to their original bodies with no signs of damage, mental or physical. More investigation is needed and authorized.

Note: Researcher ███AC█-5 asks permission to utilize SCP-158 to reverse the effects of 981, if possible.

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