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Item #: SCP-983

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-983 must be kept in a vacuum. The room must be completely clean before entering. The subject must put on a full breathing suit complete with internalized oxygen supply. SCP-983 must be handled by only one person at a time. The item is not to be handled for longer than 30 seconds. During this time it is recommended the member of personnel holding the item wear gloves containing both lead and asbestos. In the event of a contamination breach, the facility will be sealed and filled with helium, followed by a sealing off with lead.

Description: The item appears to be a human index finger made of gold. The design is highly intricate, and there appear to be no signs of machine work on the item. Any substance, with the exceptions of Pb and He due to their lack of reactivity, put in direct contact with the end of the finger will be transmuted through an unknown process into Au. Asbestos takes a longer time to be affected than other materials for reasons which remain unknown at the time of writing.

The reaction is also conservative — that is, the object will weigh the same before and after. In some occasions, weak beta and alpha radiation has been observed during transformation. This is hypothesized to be to 'balance' the nuclear composition of the product. In cases where the reactant is composed of different materials, warping effects have been observed, most probably due to certain elements shrinking more than others.

The finger also reacts with air, turning it into a poisonous fume and turns any dust in the air into Au dust which is highly damaging if inhaled. The item itself was discovered in an ancient Turkish tomb, surrounded by several warped statues made of gold: most with horrified looks on their faces, some with a look of apparent greed and lust. The figures were rather disfigured, probably due to the variable shrinking effect mentioned above. It is recommended this item is only dealt with by people of security clearance level 4 and above.

Document #983-3: "It bears repeating that SCP-983 (much like SCP-038) is not a toy. Due to repeated infractions of contamination protocols (resulting in incidents SCP-████-████, SCP-████-████, and SCP-████-████), I have been forced to upgrade to level 4 clearance levels. It bears repeating that any further attempts merits immediate demotion to class D and assignment to class Keter containment organisms.

In regards to the most recent incident, ██████ █████████ will be placed in the storage vault after complaints have been filed, claiming his prior position in the garden was 'in bad taste'" - Dr. Klein

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