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Item #: SCP-985

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-985 is to be kept in the suitcase it came in, and stored in the weapons locker at Site-[DATA EXPUNGED]. Ammunition is to be stored separately from object. Object is to be kept uncocked and unloaded at all times when not in use.

Description: SCP-985 is a large revolver of unknown origin, with intricate marks and carvings in an unknown language cover the surface. Object was designed as a .357 magnum, but the cylinder will reformat itself to chamber any round, from .17 HMR to .950 JDJ. Cylinder will hold 8 rounds instead of the traditional 6. Any round fired will have a different effect on the target hit, rarely repeating itself.

Note: On the date of [DATE CENSORED], several CLASS D personnel attempted to escape the confines of Site-[DATA EXPUNGED] using improvised weapons. Agent [DATA EXPUNGED] was working on SCP-985 at the time, and was alone when the inmates attacked. Agent used weapon to neutralize 8 of the inmates and the remaining 2 surrendered. The effects of the shots are as stated:

Inmate 1 shot in neck, his head flew several feet into the air, neatly severed in a guillotine fashion.
Inmate 2 shot in arm, entire arm ripped off, traces of broken glass found in torso. Bled to death.
Inmate 3 shot in torso, caught fire and was immolated.
Inmate 4 shot in pelvis, ripped in half horizontally.
Inmate 5 shot in torso, flew to back of the room, found crucified with railroad spikes.
Inmate 6 shot in head, entire upper half blown completely off.
Inmate 7 shot in arm, forearm blown off, found with snakes and insects of unknown species pouring from the stump.
Inmate 8 shot in stomach, expanded rapidly, and popped like a balloon.

Shots only seem to affect living targets, as SCP-985 affects cardboard targets normally.

Note: SCP-157 was brought near SCP-985. SCP-157 changed shape into a round of unknown caliber with a pointed tip, apparently glass. Further examination revealed what looked appeared to be an antimatter reservoir inside the glass tip, suspended by unknown means. Firing not recommended, as the range of the smallest possible explosion would be far greater than the range of the bullet.

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