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Item #: SCP-986

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-986 is to be kept on the dressmakers dummy at all times and is not to be handled by anyone. It is most definitely not to be worn by anyone at any time.

Description: SCP-986 is a silk furisode. Salmon in colour with green and gold patterned Obi and a purple dressing kimono.
Recovered in 1975, Kyoto, after someone familiar with local legend spotted it in a house clearing and informed the relevant authorities.
The furisode was pictured in location before being handled by security operatives into a glass container where it was moved to its current location.
Local legend places the furisode as far back as 1865 when a woman of unknown name before dying applied a 'curse' to the kimono. 52 people to date have been found to have had a connection with the item and have died under inexplicable circumstances.

The furisode must be kept on its dressmakers dummy inside its reinforced glass case at all times with surveillance equipment on it at all times.

Addendum: Those with Level 1 and 2 Security Clearance should see document 986-1.

Document 986-1:

Although after extensive testing to the fabric and to the DNA found in the fabric proves little more than it is a silk furisode that has been worn by no less that 32 identifiable people, Dr. Granger would like to request that should the item ever begin to seep blood for any reason that he be informed immediately and that the area be evacuated.

Note I have done some more research into this artifact, following the unfortunate death of Dr. Granger, and have come to the following conclusion.

The garment appears to be inhabited by a Class 3 Electrospectral Entity (ESE). The ESE generates a continual psychic field In the 72 Rhine range that compels anyone touching the garment to don it immediately. When the garment is worn, the ESE awakens, and immediately focuses its attention upon the wearer. Approximately seven minutes later, the wearer dies a painful, lingering death, as their blood is extracted through their bodily pores, anus, nipples, and any other openings. The blood then appears to disappear into an extradimensional plane, possibly the dwelling of the ESE.

It is my belief that the blood is being used as a fuel source for some unknown purpose. Note that the local electromagnetic field rises by approximately 10% each time the ESE "feeds." Dr. Granger's warning to watch for the garment becoming stained with blood may have been an attempt to alert the Foundation about the completion of the fueling process, at the end of which the ESE would, of course, carry out whatever purpose it desired. Considering the nature of the fuel, completion of said process would seem to be undesirable.

It is my recommendation that this item be placed in a sealed container, remanded to the High Value Items Storage Facility, and secured with the standard positive action locks and mimetic, biological, and chemical defense systems. A hemoglobin detector shall be placed inside the sealed container, and set to immediately alert the Foundation should a concentration higher than twenty parts per million be detected. This will immediately trigger a series of explosive bolts that will cause the container to descend to the Emergency Containment Center, where Foundation personnel can destroy the item as needed.

Although certain parties have requested that the item be destroyed outright, please note the deaths of twenty D-class personnel who attempted to carry out such orders. Until such a time as we can ascertain the nature of the force which decapitated said personnel, it is recommended that no further attempts at artifact destruction be carried out.


Dr. A Clef

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