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Item #: SCP-989

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-989 was initially evaluated as safe and without special requirements. Following class reevaluation, Dr. █████ ████ has requested that it be mounted on a wall in a standard-size concrete containment room. Dr. ████’s full proposal for the storage of SCP-989 is stored as Document #989-2 and is available to staff with Level 3 or higher security clearance.

Description: SCP-989 is a Western Electric 1C2 model pay telephone with decals that indicate it was operated by Alberta Government Telephones (AGT) in the early to mid 1980’s. SCP-989 can receive or send calls regardless of whether or not it is connected to any telephone grid. SCP-989 requires $0.25 in Canadian currency dated 1988 or earlier to send or receive calls.

Document #989-1: Excerpts from a document found with SCP-989 marked "LOG"

"M. put a quarter into the prepared phone from the year he was born and called home, as instructed. He heard sounds of violence and strained breathing. M. was visibly shaken and requested reassignment"

"C. called information and asked some minor, personal questions. The voice on the other end of the line, which C. claimed was his own, answered all of them correctly."

"Received a call from O. who is currently taking readings at [illegible]. How he was able to dial the phone is unclear, the phone is not supposed to receive calls."

"Received call from myself tonight. [Large section illegible] no matter what happens, I did my duty for Queen and Country."

Document #989-2: Email from Dr. █████ ████ to Director ██████ ███████ dated ████ ██ ████

From: Isaac Roth.
To: ██████ ███████
Cc: —
Bcc: —
Sbj: SCP-989

Director ███████:

I wish you could share your confidence that reclassifying SCP-989 as a Euclid class object will be sufficient to prevent any further incidents following the unfortunate events of last week. As you're aware, SCP-989 is a pet project of mine and has been since it came in. Granted what I've learned regarding its exceptional properties, I feel I must propose the following alterations to 989's containment:

1. Personnel inspecting or viewing 989 should be searched before entering the room. Any change, regardless of whether or not 989 will accept it, should be confiscated.

2. SCP-989 should have its coin return slot examined prior to any prolonged examination. Quarters have an alarming tendency to show up in the slot between examinations.

3. Personnel interacting with 989 should have their backgrounds checked for any relationship with ████ ███████ or the Canadian branch of the [REDACTED].

There are other precautions that should be taken, but without doing further research, I can't make any specific recommendations.

Dr. Isaac Roth

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