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SCP-992. Archival photo from prior to original acquisition.

Item #: SCP-992

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a 10m X 10m X 3m cell. The cell must be equipped with a Plexiglass/Lucite roof constructed as to allow SCP-992 full view of natural weather conditions. The walls of the cell must be composed of steel-reinforced concrete of a minimum of three (3) metres' thickness (See incident report 992-B). The floor of the cell must be covered with natural soil to a depth of 0.5 metres and must be watered accordingly to SCP-992’s wishes. Any flora or fauna which is requested by SCP-992 should be brought into the cell as soon as possible and only removed at SCP-992’s request. At no time is SCP-992 to lose contact with the actual soil of the earth (See incident report 992-A). Only natural light sources are to be used within SCP-992’s cell. SCP-992 has been observed to converse with various forms of flora and fauna. Any attempt to disturb this action may be met with immediate termination, at the discretion of security personnel (See incident report 992-C). Level 1 personnel may volunteer to interact with SCP-992, although all personnel doing so are restricted from further interaction with any other SCP item, regardless of privilege level or object classification.

Description: SCP-992 was found in [DATA EXPUNGED] near the [DATA EXPUNGED] in the central region of Australia. SCP-992 appears to be an elderly aboriginal male, but in the ██ years the subject has been contained SCP-992 has not appeared to age.

The subject appears to have the ability to converse with or influence natural forces, including local weather patterns and wildlife. The subject has also exhibited foreknowledge of future events related to these subjects: whether this is due to actions taken by SCP-992 or some sort of prophetic ability has yet to be determined. If SCP-992 is asked about the subject of a specific "conversation" which has taken place, SCP-992 frequently alludes to some natural event which is yet to happen. SCP-992 converses freely with individuals who are granted access into his cell and often engages in philosophical discussion on the topic of nature. Those who converse with SCP-992 often leave with "an expanded sense of self" and "great respect" for SCP-992. There have been no adverse physiological or psychological side affects observed in subjects who have come in contact with SCP-992.

The subject has predicted such natural disasters as [DATA EXPUNGED], [DATA EXPUNGED], and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Until the true nature of SCP-992 is determined it is to be classified as Euclid/Keter. Additional observation of SCP-992 and evaluation of the subject's divination are required.

Incident Report #992-A ██/██/████: An attempt was undergone to relocate SCP-992 by helicopter to another safe site. This action resulted in SCP-992's violent non-cooperation and resulted in a catastrophic [DATA EXPUNGED]. This was considered a coincidence until the full consequences of [DATA EXPUNGED] were established. The containment of SCP-992 is the sole result of the subject allowing a containment facility to be built around him.

Incident Report #992-B ██/██/████: Personnel noticed that several dingoes were attempting to dig a tunnel to SCP-992's cell. The wall of the containment cell was at that time 0.5 m in thickness (later increased to 3 m). The dingoes were terminated. After the incident, SCP-992 was noticeably agitated and complained to site staff that "they only wanted to visit". Subsequently, [DATA EXPUNGED] in the mountains of China resulted in ████ deaths. Given the possibility that this was not a coincidence, supervisory staff modified the containment procedures to allow the introduction of local wildlife into the containment chamber.

Incident Report #992-C ██/██/████: Level 1 personnel interrupted SCP-992's conversation with a eucalyptus tree. SCP-992 immediately ceased his conversation with the tree and glared at the personnel. When asked what SCP-992 was talking about, subject answered "I can never truly know, I was unable to fully paint the picture." Several days later [DATA EXPUNGED].

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