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Item #: SCP-993

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-993-1 and SCP-993-2 are to be stored separate in a clearly marked containment box. SCP-993-1 is to be kept separate from all audio-playback equipment under any circumstances. If SCP-993-1 attaches itself to a speaker, it is to be recovered by a guard wearing high-strength hearing protection.

Description: SCP-993 is contained in a pair of standard USB headphones produced by █████████████. The headphones themselves have been proven to be far more resilient than those ordinarily manufactured by ████████████, they have been otherwise determined to be ordinary in all other aspects. The unidentified polymer that forms the shell of SCP-993 has been classified SCP-993-2. All attempts at replication have resulted in the creation of harmful substances. Further research into the creation of a similar polymer for use in armored vests is recommended.

Upon dismantlement, a pair of un-identified metallic discs measuring an inch across were recovered, they have been classified SCP-993-1.These discs have been determined to be the cause of SCP-993's effect. Attempts at dismantling these discs have proved unsuccessful, making study of their constructions difficult. Other methods of determining their composition has been inconclusive. The discs were attached to the speakers, one on each side. If either one of the discs is not present, SCP-993 does not function. When exposed to a form of audio-playback, two small holes open up on the side of the discs. The discs then proceed to attach themselves to the circuitry by an unknown method. When SCP-993-1 has attached itself, the speakers immediately begin to emit a high pitched sound recorded at 15KHz. Tests using other forms of audio-playback devices have yielded similar results.

The item was recovered from the residence of [DATA EXPUNGED] after the previous owner had been found dead of dehydration. SCP-993 had been disregarded, until a relative of ████████████ was admitted to █████████ Mental Hospital. ████████████ had originally been found in a catatonic state by her mother. When she described the effect of SCP-993, the item was immediately taken into SCP custody.

When SCP-993 is placed over a person's ears, they become unresponsive to all stimulation. When SCP-993 is removed from over the subject's ears, the subject immediately wakes up. The subject must be able to hear the sound produced by SCP-993 clearly for it to have any effect.

All test subjects have reported waking up in an unidentified city, reportedly bearing remarkable similarities to the subjects childhood place of residence. While all accounts of the city have been different, there have been two notable similarities in all reports. All subjects reported a high level of decay in the city, as well as an immense feeling of loneliness and loss. The time spent in this illusionary world bears no relation to the time that SCP-993 is worn, but longer exposure seems to have more pronounced effects. The short-term effects of exposure are similar to that of long-term isolation. Long-term exposure has caused severe hearing damage, in addition to the previous effects.

Extended exposure to the high frequencies employed by SCP-993 have been shown to cause permanent tinnitus in 90% of subjects in extended testing. The severity of the damaged to the hearing had been unknown until several of the test-subjects had begun to show a sudden onset of suicidal mannerisms. In one case, the subject [DATA EXPUNGED]. The autopsy of the subject revealed severe damage to the subject's Vestibulocochlear nerve. When questioned, all subjects reported the sound as a "Loud scream." All further subjects of SCP-993 testing are to be examined for any psychological irregularities both before and after testing.

Tests using a MRI-scan have revealed a possible cause for the comatose state caused by SCP-993. In all subjects, the MRI-scan revealed abnormal brain function in the hypothalamus, cortex, and tectum regions of the brain. It has not yet been determined how the sound produced by SCP-993 causes this abnormal behavior.

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