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Item #: SCP-996

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-996 is to be kept in its original game box. The box will be stored in containment locker ██-█. All testing is to be authorized thru Dr. Nicolas Rei.

Description: SCP-996 is a standard, 24 dot, Twister™ game mat, spinner and instruction manual, save for a few differences. All references to the manufacturer have been omitted from this copy. Anyone standing on the mat once the spinner is operated, is compelled to obey the directions of the spinner, until such time as the person operating it relinquishes their grip on said spinner. Prolonged use results in the fusing of those subjects on the mat.

Experiments in the usefulness of these fusions are ongoing. A partial list of these experiments have been cleared for viewing. Those with clearance level 2 may view Experiment Log #996-█/██/08 for a more in depth example of the SCP's side effects.

Addendum: SCP-996 was uncovered by a family in ████████, ██████ on July 28, 2008. Purchased as a birthday present, the first use of the game resulted in two sisters being bonded at the wrist. When the sisters were taken to the emergency room, standard Foundation monitoring indicated the pair as a possible lead. This is due largely to their case being listed as “spontaneous conjoining”.
Agents secured the girls, and once their story was recorded, retrieved the SCP. Class A amnesiacs were administered to all involved, outside of our custody. Hospital records were altered to indicate a trampoline accident. Once all pertinent data was collected, the girls were returned to their family, after the removal of the fused limbs.

Addendum: Test subjects whose brains are allowed to join show a strong tendency towards dissociative identity disorder. Although individuals suffering a multitude of physical malady may be saved by use of this SCP, it is strongly discouraged. The mental state of the subject tends to be volatile, and unpredictable. - Dr. Rei – 03-18-2009

Addendum: SCP-996 has proven useful in very select situations. It is to remain in Foundation custody for continued experimentation. However, 996 is to remain available to military officers bearing the proper forms. – General ██████ - 06-01-2009

Addendum: Any subjects created by 996 are to be evaluated on a weekly basis. If the subjects no longer provides useful data to our tests, they are to be terminated. The increased expense in housing these subjects is severly prohibitive. – Dr. Rei - 06-08-2009

Addendum: Experiment Log #996-█/██/08 has been opened to facilitate easier access to current experiment researchers.

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