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SCP-998 in shown in full before construction of off site containment zone.
Center of SCP-998, Access "Panel" on the left.

Item #: SCP-998

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-998 is to be kept in a off site containment zone disguised as a secure HAZMAT storage facility. The SCP is watered daily, is given sunlight 4 hours a day and is kept in a humid environment to keep normal status. By no means is anyone allowed to access SCP-998 without first the approval of Dr. █████ and obtaining specialized equipment for recording and examination.

Description: SCP-998 was discovered at an now abandoned Elementary School in ███████ ████ New Jersey in 200█. It Resembles a normal large tree that has expanded out on all sides, where the center is completely open. Until recent data collecting around the area from old reports dating back to the 1930's of missing children in the that were last seen in the vicinity of SCP-998.

SCP-998 is an Organic Temporal displacer, an object that is fixed in its time line, and can transport any object or organism in the center where it is placed and with using the "Panel" by carving in the date of destination. The SCP can take objects mainly in the past, future dates have not been tested to the fullest extent. Any object can stay in said time line within 24 hours of the alternate time until returning back by standing in the center of SCP-998, which would result a lapse betwen 5 to 10 minutes of time lost from leaving to return. Any time taken after the 24 hour period is not recommended as any object or person that does not return back might become permanently fixed in the time line and may not be able to return. Tests have shown that people can as well travel back and can observe the area in time, but is advised not to change anything, only observe and examine until the 24 hour period is over and can be returned back to the present. Further tests confirm that any date past 18██ cannot return back and is a fixed point in the time line until death. Further testing with SCP-998 is of this time still undergoing, any requests regarding SCP-998 are to be approved by Dr. █████ and no one else.

Addendum SCP-998a: Further scanning and Dissection of one of the sample cut branches of SCP-998 showed not only a fast regenerative ability but a type of unidentified metal. After time of careful extracting removal of unknown metal was retrieved, close inspection and properties of the metal has given the classification of "SCP-998-2". Read Document SCP-998-2 for more information.

Addendum SCP-998b: Dangers of paradox and other time anomalies has risen classification from Euclid to Euclid/Keter. Also some inspection and possible danger of SCP-998 being partially sentient. "How would you think those kids that vanished knew how to do this? There has to be another way the SCP works, perhaps it can read your thoughts or maybe it will send them away if the SCP sees them as a threat to its existence. But That's all I can see as of right now.." Stated by Dr. █████

Addendum SCP-998b-2: Classification changed back to Euclid. "Theories are only theories. If it happens, then we will review it, until said time comes it will remain Euclid." Stated by Dr. ████████ .

Addendum SCP-998c: Unknown entry of alternate existence Level 4 personnel fell through to what he explained was [DATA EXPUNGED]. He went on to explain how he saw [DATA EXPUNGED], the shape of them was that he could not describe, not hearing any sounds, somehow oxygen existed. Explanation of this is unknown, date was written, but also was discovered [DATA EXPUNGED]. Possible transportation to parallel universes is now under experimental testing and must be supervised at all times with recordable equipment.

Addendum SCP-998d: Testing by other personnel is allowed but only by the approval and supervision of Dr. █████. Also all events will be recorded and documented under further addendum's to this time forward..

Document SCP-998-2: Unknown metallic material extracted from SCP-998. Classified as SCP-998-2 exhibits unknown abilities. The object seems to protrude what looks like to be roots surrounding itself, the roots becoming larger in the sunlight. What chemical function does this is unknown, under an electron microscope show there is no sign of circuitry of any kind, suggesting that there is no technological presence within to our understanding. Sampling of SCP-998-2 is allowed only by approval of Dr. █████ in return all data of tests concerning SCP-998-2 will be screened by Dr. █████. Containment of SCP-998-2 has been moved to Site ██ and is placed in an dark room only allowing 24 hours of light once a month to produce growth for more sample testing.

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