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Item #: SCP-998

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-998's containment cell is to be locked at all times. Personnel should not look into SCP-998's eyes under any circumstances. SCP-998's containment cell is observed on closed circuit video feed with a 10 second delay. Three armed guards are stationed outside of SCP-998's containment cell.

Description: SCP-998 appears to be a short Italian man with pale skin, brown hair, and a mustache. SCP-998 wears a green suit with overalls, and a green hat with an "L" insignia on it. SCP-998 is speculated to have been a plumber in his past. SCP-998 possesses super-human strength and agility, although it rarely uses this to attack personnel. SCP-998 will, however attack any animals released into its cell, especially turtles. SCP-998 prefers to kill by crushing the animals under his body weight. SCP-998 will never speak outside of excited hoots. SCP-998 will remain stationary unless it attacks something.

When personnel look into SCP-998's eyes, its gaze will instantly paralyze personnel. It then will either kill personnel via a variety of ways(mainly brain hemorrhaging), or transform them into SCP-998. It has been known to rupture souls and devour minds.

Since SCP-998 has no known form of biological reproduction as we know it, he uses his disturbing gaze to convert personnel into clones of himself.

SCP-998 was discovered into Nairobi, Kenya. There are 146 copies of SCP-998 now in existence.

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