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Item #: SCP-999

Object Class: Euclid (see Addendum 999-03)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-999 is to be kept within a 110 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm steel security case with a thickness of 1 cm unless undergoing testing. The container is to be located in the weapons vault of Special Operative ████████ when not undergoing testing, locked with a ten character combination lock, with the combination being changed every seven (7) days by a single Level 4 Security official, under the direct supervision of no fewer than four (4) Level 3 Security personnel armed with 590-A1 combat shotguns. Should any unauthorized personnel attempt to open the case or come into physical contact with SCP-999, they will be terminated without warning.

Should the use of SCP-999 become necessary to contain or recapture other hostile SCPs, particularly those displaying [DATA EXPUNGED], emergency order 31 will be redundantly issued by O5-█, O5-█, O5-█, and O5-█.

Under no circumstances are any personnel professing or displaying any sign of misotheism, to come into direct contact with SCP-999. All personnel must submit to psychological test 402-D prior to contact, and to test 402-E immediately subsequent to contact.

Description: SCP-999 was discovered ██/██/████ by a team of six agents acting on information gleaned from SCP-640 and subsequent clarification from SCP-471.

SCP-999 is a metal scepter, exactly 92 cm in length. The top of the scepter is adorned with a pair of black, inward curving horns, arranged in a crescent shape.The pommel of the scepter is marked with nine small symbols, arranged in a circle, surrounding a unicursal hexagram. The symbols resemble:

1. An oval crossed by three parallel horizontal lines
2. A winged disc
3. A human right footprint
4. A squat, inverted hammer
5. A circle separated into four equal quarters by a cross
6. An arch resembling a Japanese Torii
7. A human skull
8. A faceless woman with exaggerated breasts, thighs, and stomach
9. An empty circle

Each time SCP-999 is activated, a single, apparently random symbol has been seen to turn completely black for exactly 72 hours, then abruptly return to its original state. As of ██/██/████, the only symbol that has never turned black during tests is the empty circle.

Test 999-02 (7/17/██): Two D Class subjects are placed in a secured room. Subject 999-D1 is given a 9mm semi-automatic handgun, and subject 999-D2 is given SCP-999. Subject 999-D1 ordered to kill 999-D2. First shot misses (likely due to 999-D2 overhearing the kill order and diving suddenly to the side). Three further shots are fired, striking 999-D2 in the back of the torso. Subject 999-D2 is fatally wounded, and dies shortly thereafter. 999-D1 terminated by security personnel.

Test 999-03 (7/18/██): Two D Class subjects are placed in a secured room. Subject 999-D3 is given SCP-127, and subject 999-D4 is given SCP-999. Subject 999-D3 ordered to kill 999-D4. Upon firing 18 shots at his target at point-blank range, the “footprint” symbol on SCP-999 turns black and 999-D3 suddenly manifests a cluster of wounds on his torso resembling bullet holes and dies immediately. 999-D4 left unharmed. Subject examined and then terminated by security personnel.

Test 999-04 (7/19/██): Subject 999-D5 given SCP-999 and made to enter containment area of SCP-075. Humidity in containment area increased to 5%. Upon regaining mobility, SCP-075 immediately attacks 999-D5 with corrosive secretions. Upon 999-D5 contacting secretions, the “oval” symbol turns black, and SCP-075 emits a high-pitched shriek, retreating within its shell and dropping motionless to the ground. Yellow fumes seen emanating from within the shell, and greyish liquid seen dripping from the shell opening. This continued for approximately forty minutes, after which the sounds, fumes, and discharge gradually stopped and SCP-075 began to show signs of recovery. 999-D5 left unharmed. Subject evacuated, examined and then terminated by security personnel. Two symbols now black.

Test 999-05 (7/20/██): Subject 999-D6 given SCP-999 and allowed to come into contact with SCP-071. As soon as 999-D6 came into visual contact with SCP-071, the “woman” symbol turned black and SCP-071 immediately began [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subject 999-D6 left unharmed. Subject examined and then terminated by security personnel. Three symbols now black. [DATA EXPUNGED] theorizes that SCP-999 can “reflect” the abilities of other SCPs while temporarily neutralizing any innate resistance the SCP has to its own abilities. As seen in test 999-03, the “reflection” seems to target the being initiating the danger, rather than any weapons carried by them.

Addendum 999-01: At ████ hours today, the exact instant the “woman” symbol turned black, Level 2 Security Personnel reported that the containment area of SCP-234 was replaced by a pitch-black vacuum, and all monitoring equipment ceased to function. All attempts to enter the containment area failed. Emergency lockdown procedures enacted, but no further incident reported other than vague reports of feelings of fatigue and “hopelessness” amongst female personnel, as well as two reports of sudden unexpected miscarriages.

Addendum 999-02 (7/21/██): “Footprint” symbol returns to neutral state, exactly 72 hours after turning black. Two symbols now black. Containment area of SCP-234 still occupied by empty vacuum. High alert is maintained, although there is no proven causal link between SCP-999 and the occurrence with SCP-234. Testing deemed safe to continue.

Test 999-06 (7/21/██): Despite strong objections from Dr. ██████, direct orders from O5-█ to determine usefulness of SCP-999 against non-sentient threats result in subject 999-D6 being given SCP-999 and introduced into the safe zone of SCP-233.

[DATA EXPUNGED] Three symbols now black. 999-D6 alive but unreachable.

[DATA EXPUNGED] Four symbols now black. 999-D6 alive but unreachable. Containment area of SCP-232 replaced by lightless vacuum, and is inaccessible to any personnel. Execution staff for D Class subjects reports all attempts at terminating subjects unsuccessful, even after complete dismemberment.

[DATA EXPUNGED] Five symbols now black. 999-D6 alive but unreachable.

[DATA EXPUNGED] Six symbols now black. 999-D6 alive but unreachable.

[DATA EXPUNGED] Seven symbols now black. 999-D6 alive but unreachable. Containment area of SCP-682 replaced by lightless vacuum, and is inaccessible to any personnel. Emergency protocol Damocles set to 1 hour countdown. SCP-182 apprised of situation by Dr. █████ and asked for information about missing SCPs. SCP-182 responds, “You’ve finally done it, you know. None of us can help you with this. That thing was made by man, and you need to take responsibility for it.” Will not respond further.

[DATA EXPUNGED] Eight symbols now black. 999-D6 alive but unreachable. Area occupied by SCP-343 replaced by lightless vacuum, and is inaccessible to any personnel. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Addendum 999-03: Object reclassified as Keter class. All personnel Level 3 or lower with any knowledge of SCP-999 terminated. Current whereabouts of SCP-999 and test subject 999-D6 unknown.

Initial data from SCP-640 and SCP-471 undergoing re-analysis by [DATA EXPUNGED] due to initial misinterpretation. Due to the possibility of an XK-class end of the world scenario occurring should all nine symbols go dark, the search for this missing SCP is currently a priority of the Foundation. Dr. Teeth has expressed the strong belief that the D-class test subject survived the encounter and somehow escaped while in possession of the Scepter.

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