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Item #: SCP-555

Object Class: Undisclosed

Special Containment Procedures: Object must not be revealed to any member under [N/A] security clearance. The object is currently sealed within the most secure chamber available, though object is in no way physically dangerous. Location of object must be altered every 24 hours, though no crew moving it must be aware that the object is in any way abnormal.

Description: SCP-555 is a device that, put simply, not only decreases but reverses entropy within its immediate surroundings. within a close [undetermined] range of the object, ice cubes will remain solid even at room temperature, all events will tend toward order, simple machines will operate with 100 percent efficiency, differences in variables of systems remain constant,and perpetual motion is easily attainable. The visual appearance of SCP-555 is simply that of a [EXPUNGED] although the object can stretch or alter to fit in a wide variety of positions.

Research failed to create any type of environment in which SCP-555's unique properties did not function or any system whose entropy increased when exposed to it.

Notes: (Administrator Holzman) I'm sorry you have to read this, Hollis. I know all of the cases you've made for its use, but this object can never be made available to the outside. Perhaps we might be able to make it work for us, in the short term, but man wasn't meant to have such things. The Wright brothers invented the airplane in 1903. in 1914 men were killing each other with them. Eleven years was all it took. Imagine how fast this thing would become a weapon, an endless unstoppable fuel source for the ultimate engine of destruction. And if not that, then what? Men living forever, using this device to create more identical ones, bringing our hate and black-hearted spite to every corner of the universe and beyond. We are the only men who have the power to stop it, and now I am. I've given the instruction for everyone who has heard a word of this object's existence to be terminated. In addition to a dozen or so scientists, managers and workers, that means you. And that means me. The only knowledge, and the only management, of this object will be within the computer system of the organization. I just want you to know, before all this is over, why we had to die. Goodbye, Hollis. -February 19, 1986

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