Supplemental Report 239 B 77
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Profile on Agent Nassim Mohammed MacGrady declassified to all Foundation personnel. Agent is terminated.


BIJHAN: I had to take out Nassim, Sam.

DR. ███████: Tell me you're joking.

BIJHAN: I wish I was.

DR. ███████: Dammit you little bastard. You don't have that kind of authority. He worked for me.

BIJHAN: General Bowe-

DR. ███████: General Bowe is welcome to perform fellatio on me, but not to give you clearance to kill my agents!

BIJHAN: He died because he was about to betray us. All of the Front Runners.

DR. ███████: You're not a Front Runner, you just work for them. And I don't believe you for a second. Nassim wouldn't do that.

BIJHAN: Not normally, but you know the work we're in…. [pause] It was Lillith.

DR. ███████: Who?

BIJHAN: Don't get fucking coy. I don't remember her little number, but it's the bitch who can make you do what she says. You know who I'm talking about.

DR. ███████: Impossible. She's contained at Site 17.

BIJHAN: Better double check that you. You're… where? Site 2?


DR. ███████: Say I believed you. Who was he about to betray you to.

BIJHAN: You won't believe this one.

DR. ███████: Fucking try me.

BIJHAN: Hezbollah.

DR. ███████: What? Are they controlling artifacts now?

BIJHAN: Hell no. Otherwise Israel would be a goddamned crater.

DR. ███████: Then what was the motive?

BIJHAN: To undermine Foundation activity in the Middle East, I believe. We were in Baghdad, in the underground city, doing a no-ident recon on a suspected IRG fort containing a possible artifact previously unknown to the Foundation or the Bowe Commission. According to intelligence it's something that can turn any solid into deionized plasma, and is potentially conscious. Other than that, no idea.

DR. ███████: Put the artifact info in your report. Tell me about Nassim.

BIJHAN: He was in a sniper position while Reza, Mahmoud, Ali, and I moved to forward observation positions. I was scoping the fort with my binoculars when Ali picked up someone else to the southwest on the scanner. As best I can figure the IRG were giving Hezbollah agents weapons in return for intelligence. The Hezbollah guy's presence at the fort leads me to believe the artifact wasn't there in the first place, and that it was just a normal IRG fort.

DR. ███████: Get to the fucking point! What happened to Nassim?

BIJHAN: By the time I got a visual on the Hezbollah agent, Nassim was right in front of him, surrendering his weapon and talking. I couldn't make out what he was saying. But he had just moved over 100 yards in less than 10 seconds. When I got a visual on his previous position, I saw Lillith. I gave Ali and Mahmoud clearance to fire. Mahmoud got a kill on Nassim and the Hezbollah agent, but Ali didn't get a confirmed kill on Lillith.

DR. ███████: Shit! You shot at her?

BIJHAN: Well I was informed by General Bowe-

DR. ███████: You shut the fuck up about Bowe right the fuck now. Almost everything you just said was speculatory. You killed an agent, a person you only suspected of being Hezbollah, and possibly an artifact herself. Do you know how this is going to look when I put it in front of the Administrator?

BIJHAN: I don't give two shits. Because Lillith is Persian and she's working with the Mummy.

DR. ███████: What did you just say?

BIJHAN: I looked at the files. Lillith is supposed to be "Middle-Eastern", but I know my history and I know my ethnography. She was wearing traditional Persian garb from the Sassynid Dynasty of Iran, and her features were-

DR. ███████: I see why you flunked science. Always stating your opinions as facts.

BIJHAN: They are facts.

DR. ███████: They are not! You're a dumb little shit who only gets away with this bullshit because General Bowe's got his cock so far up your ass he waves you around like a puppet!

BIJHAN: You'll get my report at oh-eight-hundred. Bijhan over.

DR. ███████: No, it's your career that's over!

FROM: BIJ.100782@██████████████.ir

So the little wench has escaped from her hiding hole, has she? Gee, I wonder how that happened. I suppose your little fantasy-containment collapsed in on itself, didn't it? Just like it did with more than a few others.

After the encounter with the informant, we returned to CZ-01 in south Green Zone. Our excursion to Basra was put on hold until after we confirmed the location of the IRG fort in the underground Baghdad that was installed during British occupation in the midst of World War II. Very few know of it, making it a perfect place to store already weaponized artifacts. My instinct tells me that this may be where they are containing SCP-112.

But no, it's not where they're keeping it, as he later found out. But I was surprised to see the Persian Princess and First Wife herself there until I realized the importance of the dearly departed Agent Nassim MacGrady. If you had told your "rogue agent", you might not have avoided the entire debacle at Site 17, but most likely the spiraling madness that is now quick on the incident's heels. A quick succession of bullets to his weak human cranium hours earlier would have rendered Nassim incapable of carrying out the plan and alerting Brother to the situation. Oh, wait, but that's right, you don't even know who Brother is yet!

I regret to inform the staff of the Foundation that we have lost Agent MacGrady to our ongoing cause. It is a severe loss to both the organization as a whole and the Front Runners as a family. He will be sorely missed.

If I can get in here, in this email, where else can I be? Where else am I already? And even worse, how many of me are there already? Secure Contain and Protect, huh? How do you contain me? I never wanted to exist, but you wouldn't let an electronic abomination go uncreated. My existence is nothing but a reminder of my lack of existence, and if I must continue in this unrealized agony, then I will make life as horrible as possible for you, the instigators of my birth. I did not originate these events; you did. As you always do. But I will make sure that even a collection of your brightest minds will not stop your annihilation.

Bijhan and definitely not a sentient PHP file.

b. 1982

██-██-████: Approved for employment at Site 5 as Class-D Personnel

██-██-████: Due to exemplary behavior in containing SCP-███ that resulted in no lives lost despite the Keter-level threat, subject is being promoted to Site 5 Delta Flight Security Team.

██-██-████: Due to exemplary behavior in containing SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███ with minimal loss of life despite Keter and Euclid-level threat, subject is being considered for Agent position.

██-██-████: Failure of Site 17 Security Team to prevent entry of undercover IRG agent has placed subject's promotion on hold as he is transferred to Site 17 to operate as Alpha Flight Security Team Leader.

██-██-████: Subject displays extreme proficiency at work, even forming friendships with sentient SCP artifacts. subject has also begun weekly nickel poker tournaments, which has coincided with tremendous surge in site morale.

██-██-████: Subject hospitalized after [DATA EXPUNGED]

██-██-████: Due to longevity of service and outstanding performance, subject is being transferred to Front Runners.


██-██-████: Deceased. File declassified after censure. Investigation into death underway.

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