Taisaijin's Proposal
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Item #: SCP-001

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001 is to be kept sealed at all times. No less than three attendants are to enter the room at once. The attendants must not fear death, as one of them will not be able to leave the room, and very rarely will any of them will leave the area alive. They will need a single cup of goat’s blood to enter SCP-001’s chamber. Once inside the room, they are to approach the large, circular seal on the ground in front of them. In the narrow hole in the middle, one attendant is to pour the goat’s blood. The others are to step back from the seal as it changes from the shape of the Ouroboros to that of a bloody skull. As the attendant that poured the blood into the hole steps away from the seal, a stairway to the chamber underneath the seal will appear. The attendants are to follow the stairway and the subsequent path until they reach SCP-001’s chamber. When they arrive, SCP-001 will immediately being to feast upon one of them. The others are not to panic, however, or to try to save their partner, for as long as they do, they are safe. They must salvage some of their partner’s blood for later use. If SCP-001 were to escape from its room at this point, Site 19 must be immediately shut down, abandoned, and destroyed. As the surviving attendants leave, the ground beneath them will seal up once more. They must then use the blood of the dead attendant to draw another Ouroboros seal over SCP-001’s chamber. Any blood left over must be taken to the laboratory for testing. A “sacrifice log” is to be kept of who SCP-001 chose. Name, age, race, sex, height, and weight of the person must be recorded. If the surviving attendants seem to have become insane during their stay in the room, they are to be immediately dispatched upon their exit from SCP-001’s room; we do not want to take any chances. Visits must be made to SCP-001 at least twice a month to satisfy it. This is the most important duty in all of Site 19 and must be carried through at all costs.

Description: SCP-001 is, to an extent, human-like, with heavily tattooed blue-green skin. The tattoos on its body seem to be symbols from an unknown language. Spikes protrude from its arms at the underside. Its lips appear to be sewn together, but on occasions where communication with SCP-001 was attempted, it was able to utter the words “ancient,” “from within,” and “forgotten,” indicating that it does not need to use its mouth in order to speak. When first contained and presented with a non-human offering, SCP-001 reacted violently and killed three out of five present attendants. Upon entrance it killed one. When presented a human sacrifice, SCP-001 the only attendant SCP-001 killed was the first one it saw upon entering its chamber and appeared to be pleased. At this time, one attendant muttered his wish to be back home, and suddenly vanished. A second attendant saw this and attempted it and also vanished. When the two attendants returned the next day, the first one described his wish and told of the pleasant family outing he had that night. The second one, however, came shivering, and described how, when he got home, he found his wife dead. This has lead us to believe that SCP-001 has supernatural powers, and is, perhaps, a lost god of this world. It can grant a wishes in exchange for human sacrifices. Even so, it is not reliable. Attendants report experiencing vivid hallucinations of death while in the presence of SCP-001, and some have been reported to simply disintegrate for reasons currently unknown. When entering with groups of people exceeding eight, the seal to the chamber closes and precisely an hour later, re-opens, with only a single person emerging from it. Upon questioning in all cases, these people could not explain what happened, other than describing what they thought to be hell being opened within that chamber. Nobody seems to leave the chamber unscathed; most leave bleeding with no physical cause, and all leave with symbol on their left cheek, many uttering the words “God…a god…” Those that appear to be sane are allowed to continue. Those who seem to have become mad, however, are to be terminated immediately.

Additional Notes: SCP-001 was found in a deep slumber by a man on a walk within a cave near a forest in 1878. Upon being awakened, it immediately began to attack the person that disturbed its slumber. Near it was a scroll written in a strange language. Upon closer inspection, the symbols in the scroll transformed into readable English words and characters. Various travelers stumbled across SCP-001 while on casual walks and avoided it, choosing to inform the local authorities of it. Those who stumbled across it were later found dismembered near the cave, even though they had never traveled near that area again. Government officials were sent to the site where SCP-001 dwelled to look into this, and after observing its behavior for weeks, formed an organization whose sole purpose was to study it. They managed to seal SCP-001 using instructions written down in the scroll found near it. Then, they cleared the trees of the area and created a large building around the seal. This was the beginning of Site 19.

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